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    Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled

    Disability Information Portal

    Innovations and Equipments for PwDs - separately for each disability category

    For Leprosy Affected

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Universal Cuff 100
    Nail Cutting device150
    Soap holder100
    Button Hook 100
    Zipper Pull40
    Writing Aid 30
    Rubber Gloves300
    Insulated Scissors400
    Insulated Tumblers/Adapted Glass Holder200
    Wider Brim Plate150
    Long Handled Lever Tap500
    Cell Phone2000
    Adapted Spoon 60
    Built-up spoon 40
    Grip Aid40
    Latex Prosthesis800
    Gutter Splint 150
    Extension outrigger-Long 1500
    Thumb Spica400
    Volar /Dorsal Cock Up 1200
    Finger loops100
    Knuckle Bender250
    MCP Block500
    Opponens Strap 30
    User Friendly Spoon200
    Build-up screw driver200
    Foot Drop Strap400
    Farming Gloves200
    Padded Sand Digger500
    Anti Claw Positioning Device/Knuckle Bender Splint 140
    Fixed Ankle Brace2500
    Patellar Tendon Bearing Brace2800
    Foot Orthosis Moulded Insole150
    Temporary Below Knee Prosthesis2000
    Permanent Below Knee Prosthesis3000
    Patellar Tendon Bearing Orthosis1500
    Foot drop spring100
    Patellar Tendon Bearing Orthosis Variant 2000
    Moulded sandal 600
    MCR Sandal 450
    Custom Made Symes Prosthesis 2000
    Ankle Foot Orthosis 800
    Accommodative Foot Orthosis150

    For Visually Impaired

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Smart Cane3000
    Snake & Ladder with dice1000
    Dice Plate 400
    Ludo with Dice1000
    Signature guide with rupee checker and wallet150
    Braille watch/ Quartz watch (ladies & gents)1200
    Talking wrist watch600
    Smartphone with screen reading software for persons with blindness1000
    Smartphone with magnifier app for ow vision smart phone specifications1000
    Pocket Size external keyboard for smartphone or tablet5000
    Handheld electronic vidoe magnifier 10000

    For Locomotor Disability

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Lower extremity prosthesis NA
    Upper extremity prostheticsNA
    High end upper extremity prosthesisNA
    Lower extremity Orthosis14000 to 50000
    Spinal Orthosis and Motorized Wheel chair-Quadriplegic wheel chair with Chin and Head Control NA
    Quadriplegic wheel chair with joy stick and Motorized wheel chair (Handle driven)NA
    Walking stick,450
    Walking frame,1500
    Manual and powered wheelchair,5000/50000
    Artificial leg or hand,NA
    Leg or hand splint,600 - 10000
    Clubfoot braceNA
    Corner chair,NA
    Supportive seat,1490
    Standing frameNA
    Adapted cutlery and cooking utensils,NA
    Dressing stick,NA
    Shower seat,900
    Toilet seat,400
    Toilet frame,2000
    Feeding robotNA

    For Hearing Impaired

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Body level hearing aidsNA
    Analog/Non Programmable (Behind the ear(BTE), In the ear( ITE), In the canal (ITC), Completely in the canal(CIC))NA
    Digital/Programmable (Behind the ear(BTE), In the ear( ITE), In the canal (ITC), Completely in the canal (CIC))20,000
    Audio induction loop
    Infrared system
    Personal FM Hearing Aids
    Hearing aids with bone vibrator 10000
    Bluetooth neck loop for hearing aidsNA
    Vibratory AlarmNA
    Baby-crying Alerting Wireless deviceNA
    Door Bell SignalerNA
    Fire Smoke AlarmNA
    Telephone SignalerNA
    Amplified TelephoneNA
    Telephone amplifierNA
    Educational Kit (Language Book, Articulation book, story book)1000
    Family hand Puppet 500
    Montessori Equipments/Toys400
    Shape shorter Clock2000
    One set of noise makers200
    Block sorter boxes600
    set of verb cards200
    5 soft toys1000
    5 Puzzles1000

    For Developmental Delays (MR)

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Rattle 3 Types420
    ADL Kits350
    Palm Grim 281
    Sensory Footsteps281
    Crib tpy210
    Squeaking toy 225
    Pyramid Rings375
    Soft Ball80
    Wooden Blocks350
    Pull Toy 120
    sensory Mat677
    Stimulation toys375
    Nestling Cups175
    Any Safe Toys550
    Musical book 750
    Squeaky Shoes250
    NIMH Book-RAPID 36
    Kit Bag 1350
    Resonance Board450
    Water Play set 250
    Different Texture Gloves & Shocks350
    Pre-Braille book 225
    Visual Stimulation Kit325
    Auditory Stimulation Kit 325
    Olfactory Stimulation Kit325
    Number Picture Tray 378
    Building blocks375
    Abacus Slate 110
    Fine Motor Skill Nat 697
    Peg Board460
    Raised Shape Tray 425
    Picture Sets 275
    Blowing toys200
    coloring books with crayons110
    Count & Match519
    Sensory Books775
    LKG Books200
    Hand Puppet162
    Magic Slate155
    Word Cubes702
    Lacing cubes184
    Nesting Cups175
    Face Puzzle350
    NIMH Book 300
    Kit Bag1350
    Community Helpers290
    Wooden Block of Alphabets702
    Needle Work Kit480
    Duplicate Currency 265
    GK Flashcards252
    Alphabets-Words Wooden Cubes702
    Fitting & Assembling Kit Number tiles778
    On India Puzzle 368
    Measuring Sets580
    Story Book200
    India General (Picture Cards, word Cards)568
    Mobile Phone1250
    Digital Watch 325
    Number cubes702
    Multiplication Tactile Board, Worksheet, Pen & Duster480
    Class 2 books120
    Class 3 books120
    Number Tiles405
    Kit Bag1350

    For Multiple Disabilities

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    Sign Language Tutor set (Animals, Fruits, flowers, Vegetables, Body parts, Transports, Colors )450
    Pre-Braille book (Shape, Lines, Reading), Typo Scopre reading & writing device765
    Embossed Picture Book1500
    Tangible Symbols & Calendar System550
    Sign Language Tutor set (Animals, Fruits, flowers, Vegetables, Body parts, Transports, Colors )450
    Pre-Braille book (Shape, Lines, Reading), Typo Scopre reading & writing device675
    Sign Language Tutor set (Daily Expressions, Professions, Games & sports, God, religious, Festivals, Time Concepts, Health & Ailments)450
    Embossed Picture Book1500
    Tangible Symbols & Calendar System550
    Android tablets4500
    Sign Language Tutor set (Animals, Fruits, flowers, Vegetables, Body parts, Transports, Colors )450
    Pre-Braille book (Shape, Lines, Reading), Typo Scopre reading & writing device675
    Sign Language Tutor set (Daily Expressions, Professions, Games & sports, God, religious, Festivals, Time Concepts, Health & Ailments)450
    Embossed Picture Book1500
    Tangible Symbols & Calendar System550
    Android tablets4500

    For Intellectual Disabilities

    Name of the Assistive DevicesIndicative Price
    EHC (Eye hand Coordination Loop/Infinite Loop)5000
    Stepping stone
    Massage Ball with Stick
    Olive Massge Ball
    Air Cushion
    User Manual (Bilingual, English + Hindi )
    Kit Bag

    Online Address to buy Innovations and Equipments for PwDs


    Hearing impairment
    Arphi Electronic Pvt Ltd
    Manufacturers of high-power BTE hearing instruments with
    PC for most severe hearing loss
    Prabhadevi Industrial Estate, Veer Savarkar Marg
    Mumbai 400 025
    Phone: (022) 24220839/24222229/24309376
    Fax: (022) 24320690

    Electronic Ears India
    Distributors of Phonak hearing aid for severely hearing impaired
    K-9A, Kalkaji,
    New Delhi 110 019
    Phone: (011) 26475127
    Fax: (011) 26475127

    Elkon Pvt Ltd
    Manufacturers of auditory trainers
    904, Majestic Chambers, 144 Girgaum Road
    Mumbai 400 004
    Phoen: (022) 23887247/23885407
    Fax: (022) 23885819

    Sight and Sound
    Suppliers of hearing aid cords, TV listening cords, ear tips, ear moulds,
    ear phones (2-pin), L-band, collapsible tubing, and snap rings for ear moulds
    C-4F/216, Janakpuri
    New Delhi 110 058
    Phone: (011) 25599839

    Visual impairment
    Louis Braille Memorial Research Centre
    Manufacturers of safety stylus with eraser, Notex (money handling machine,
    inland/envelope addressers, Ahuja Bhoomithi Sadhan (Geometry box),
    Sathee cane, Beeper (homing device), composite Braille slate, audible cricket
    ball, and audible weighing balance
    Rustom Alapiwalla Complex, 124 Cotton Department
    Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033
    Phone: (022) 23726748

    Sight and Sound
    Suppliers of ptosis spectacle, rubber occluder for therapy,
    occluding contact lenses for therapy, pin hole contact lenses
    C-4F/216, Janakpuri
    New Delhi 110 058
    Phone: (011) 25599839

    Sparsh Products
    Manufacturers and suppliers of popular board games adapted
    for visually impaired persons, Braille printer, alarm clock,
    talking compass, Palmtop talking computer
    151-5, Rajpur Road, Dehradun 248 001
    Phone: (0135) 2685011
    Fax: (0135) 2651108

    Physical impairment
    Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO)
    Manufacturers of mobility aids and writing aids, lower extremity orthotics,
    cervical and spinal braces, upper and lower extremity prosthetics
    Grand Trunk Road, Kanpur 208 016
    Phone: (0512) 250172, 250897
    Fax: (0512) 252617

    Bhai Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti
    Manufacturers of Jaipur foot/limbs, Jaipur above and below knee limb, and calipers
    Sawai Mansingh Hospital
    Jaipur 302 004
    Phone: (0141) 2563063, and
    L-43, Connaught Circus
    New Delhi 100 001
    Phone: (011) 23323350
    Fax: (011) 23352446

    Dhingra Surgicals
    Manufacturers of orthopaedic appliances, wheelchairs,
    shoe inserts, polio calipers and artificial limbs
    15/4, Choti Sabzi Mandi, Janakpuri
    New Delhi 110 058
    Phone: (011) 25593042, 25501627

    Manufacturers of high-tech artificial limbs and other prosthetic and orthotic appliances
    A-4, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1
    New Delhi 110028
    Phone: (011) 25798380, 25798381, 25798564
    Fax: (011) 25891543; E-mail:

    India Medico Instruments
    Suppliers of walking aids, cervical and lumbar traction, crutches, grip exercise,
    medicine ball, tee bracket pulley set, static cycle exercise, rowling machine and shoulder wheel.
    2 & 3 Gurwalion ki Dharamshala, Angoori Bagh, Delhi 110 001
    Phone: (011) 2517945; E-mail:

    Images and Scripts
    Manufacturers of wheelchairs (folding, adult size)
    E-7, SMA Co-op Industrial Estate, GT Karnal Road, Delhi 110 033
    Phone: (011) 27428499
    Fax: (011) 27438499

    MP Industrial Corporation
    Suppliers of specially modified scooters and mopeds and auto rickshaws
    585, Bhagirathpura, Indore 452 003
    Phone: (0731) 2423404, 2422260
    Navchetan Orthopaedic Appliances
    manufactures of heel pad compactor
    Opp. S.T. Depot, Jamnagar 36005, Gujarat
    Phone: 277267

    New Generation Ortho-Prosthetic
    Manufacturers of functional braces, PVC splints, breast prosthesis
    calipers, spinal braces, crutches and walkers
    66-A, Street No. 2, Krishna Nagar, Near Belak Nath Mandir,
    Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029
    Phone: (011) 26164999, 26109773

    Narwal Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Aids
    Manufacturers of walking aids, back supports, cervical aids,
    abdominal supports, finger splints, fracture aids,
    lower and upper limb prosthesis, calipers
    1340, Near Medical Mor, Delhi Road
    Rohtak 124 001
    Phone: (01262) 244914
    Or, Narwal Viklang Kendra, Near Police Lane,
    Ashoka Colony, Karnal, Haryana.
    Phone: (0184) 2255295

    National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Reasearch
    (under the Ministry of Social Justice and Employment, Government of India)
    Manufactures of below-knee prosthesis
    Olatpur, PO: Bairoi, District Cuttack 754 010, Orissa

    Otto Bock India
    Manufacturers of high-end wheelchairs,
    foam seating cushions, gel cushions, prosthetics
    OTTOBOCK Healthcare India Pvt Ltd
    Behind Fairlawn Housing Society
    Sion Trombay Road, Chembur
    Mumbai 400 071
    Phone: (022) 25201268
    Fax: (022) 25201267; E-mail:
    No. 1, Masjid Moth, Opposite Niti Bagh
    New Delhi 110 049
    Phone: (011) 2625 4739
    Fax: (011) 26251876; E-mail:

    SAGE (Everest engineers)
    Manufacturers of wheelchairs, walking aids, commode chairs
    184-A, Peera Grahi, Ramlila Park, Delhi 110 041
    Phone: (011) 25587151
    Fax: (011) 25673476

    Surgical Electronics
    Manufacturers of lower limb prosthesis, mobility aids,
    walking frames, prosthetic and orthotic supplies
    E-9, Sector 7, NOIDA 201 301
    Phone: (0120) 2527202, 2522419
    Fax: (0120) 2535160

    Surgico-Furn (India) Ltd
    Manufacturers of tricycles, wheelchairs,
    commode pot chairs, walkers
    E-77/1, BSR Industrial Area, Ghaziabad
    Phone: (0575) 27022332
    Fax: (0575) 2752627

    Technical Automotives
    Manufacturers of auto tribikes, tricycles, wheelchairs,
    walking aids, calipers, commodes, air rings
    8/3 Old Ganga Bridge, Unnao 209 001 Uttar Pradesh
    Or, Post Box No. 460, Kanpur 208 001
    Phone: (0512) 2825158, 2825539

    The Spastic Society of India: National Job Development Centre
    Manufactures of wheelchairs for children, juniors and adults, wheelchairs with toilet facility,
    rollators, walker buggies, reclining chairs
    Sion-Trombay Road, Chember, Mumbai 400 071
    Phone: (022) 25576815, 25519413, 25585267
    Fax: (022) 25566810, 26436848

    Vir Engineers
    Manufacturers of adapted motorcycles
    145, Bharat Apartments, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110 085
    Phone: (011) 27860991

    Our Partners