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    Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled

    Sarthak Sucess Stories

    Sahil Parveen

    🌟 "Empowerment in Action: Pankaj's Journey with CapSarathi and NHFDC 🌟

    Join us in celebrating Pankaj's remarkable journey from Chhindwara to entrepreneurship success! With the guidance of CapSarathi and NHFDC, and the invaluable lessons from Sarthak Digital Literacy Program, Pankaj's story is an example of determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. 💪🌟 Discover how Pankaj overcame challenges to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams:

    Meet Pankaj, a determined entrepreneur from Chhindwara, who refused to let his hearing impairment hold him back from pursuing his dreams. With the help of CapSarathi and NHFDC, Pankaj navigated the loan application process with confidence, fueled by the knowledge gained from Sarthak Digital Literacy Program. 📚💼

    Despite facing obstacles along the way, Pankaj's unwavering determination and resilience propelled him forward. With each step, he grew stronger, more determined to succeed.

    Now, on the brink of realizing his dream of starting a food business, Pankaj's story is a shining example of resilience and empowerment. 💫



    💪 Khushboo's Triumph: Overcoming Challenges with Grace 💪

    Step into Khushboo Baloch's world, where love and determination conquer all obstacles. With the guiding light of Sarthak Educational Trust and Work India, Khushboo's journey is a shining example of courage and hope. Dive into her touching story of love, perseverance, and dreams fulfilled.

    Mukundram's journey is a heartwarming story of triumph over challenges. 🏆 Against all odds, he defied expectations by securing the first silver medal in tailoring after six long decades!

    Meet Khushboo Baloch, a loving mom who's faced life's challenges with grace and strength. From embracing motherhood to battling a disability, Khushboo's journey is one of resilience and triumph. Born into a world where opportunities seemed scarce, Khushboo's disability presented her with additional hurdles. But with unwavering determination, she refused to let her circumstances define her destiny.

    With the support of her family and the nurturing environment provided by Sarthak Educational Trust, Khushboo found the courage to pursue her dreams. She embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, enrolling in Sarthak's empowering training programs. Through dedication and perseverance, Khushboo honed her skills and built a foundation for a brighter future.

    Armed with newfound confidence and capabilities, Khushboo seized an opportunity at Work India, where her talents blossomed. Despite the challenges of balancing work and family, Khushboo embraced each day with gratitude and determination. As she navigated the demands of motherhood and a budding career, Khushboo emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around her.

    Khushboo's story touches our hearts and reminds us that love and perseverance can conquer any obstacle. Her journey is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the transformative power of unwavering determination.


    Sahil Parveen

    Mukundram's journey is a heartwarming story of triumph over challenges

    Say hello to Mukundram, a man who proves that passion has no age limit. 🌟 Despite his age and the obstacle of having only one leg, Mukundram's dedication to his craft has led him to remarkable heights. His recent achievement of winning the first silver medal in tailoring in 60 years is a testament to his perseverance and love for tailoring.

    Mukundram's journey is a heartwarming story of triumph over challenges. 🏆 Against all odds, he defied expectations by securing the first silver medal in tailoring after six long decades!

    Coming from humble beginnings and facing physical challenges, Mukundram's path has been anything but easy. But with sheer determination and the support of organizations like CRC, Sarthak Educational Trust, and NAAI, he turned his passion into his livelihood.

    Despite the hurdles, Mukundram never lost his spirit. With over three decades of experience, his craftsmanship and dedication were evident as he participated in the Jabalpur NAAI event 2024. His victory not only celebrates his personal achievement but also serves as a source of inspiration for others.

    Mukundram's story reminds us that age is just a number, and nothing can stop us from chasing our dreams. 🌟✂️👏"


    Sahil Parveen

    Unlocking Potential: Rameez's Journey from Local Tailor to Regional Silver Medalist

    Discover Rameez's inspiring journey from a local tailor to a Regional Silver Medalist. Explore how he overcame challenges, mastered tailoring skills, and clinched victory at the prestigious Sarthak Global Resource Center NAAI Event. Witness resilience and talent in action!

    Rameez's life took a remarkable turn at the Sarthak Global Resource Center NAAI Event. Growing up in Jammu and Kashmir with a 90% locomotor disability, he faced many obstacles. However, his determination was unwavering.

    After finishing 12th grade, Rameez focused on earning a living. He learned tailoring skills and worked hard at a friend's shop in Beerwah. With dedication, he mastered stitching both male and female clothing.

    Assigned to create a ladies' coat, Rameez impressed the judges with his skills, earning the first-ever Silver medal of his life. Grateful for Sarthak's guidance and support, he now prepares for the upcoming National NAAI Event with newfound confidence.

    Moving to Delhi was a big step for Chandrahas and his family. But it was all worth it! He wanted to give his kids a better life, and now he's doing just that.

    Flipkart didn't just give Chandrahas a job; they gave him hope and a chance to shine. They're not just any company; they're a socially responsible organization that believes in giving everyone a fair chance. Chandrahas's story is proof that with hard work and a little help, anything is possible!


    Sahil Parveen

    Empowering Dreams: Flipkart's Inclusive Hiring Journey

    Let us introduce you to Chandrahas – a true inspiration from our neighborhood! Despite facing tough times in his village, he didn't give up. Thanks to Sarthak Educational Trust and Flipkart's inclusive hiring initiative, he got the skills he needed and landed a job. Now, he's not just a team leader; he's the pride of his family and a shining example of Flipkart's commitment to social responsibility. Read Chandrahas's full story and feel inspired!

    This is the story of Chandrahas – your next-door friend who made it big!

    Chandrahas had a tough journey. Coming from a small village and facing a disability, finding a job wasn't easy. But then, he found Sarthak Educational Trust. They helped him learn new things and boosted his confidence.

    With Sarthak's support and Flipkart's inclusive hiring initiative, Chandrahas got a job at Flipkart! Now, he's not just any employee; he's a team leader, leading others with a smile.

    Moving to Delhi was a big step for Chandrahas and his family. But it was all worth it! He wanted to give his kids a better life, and now he's doing just that.

    Flipkart didn't just give Chandrahas a job; they gave him hope and a chance to shine. They're not just any company; they're a socially responsible organization that believes in giving everyone a fair chance. Chandrahas's story is proof that with hard work and a little help, anything is possible!


    Sahil Parveen

    Empowering Dreams: Shubhanshu's Journey to the Skies with INDIGO Airlines

    Discover Shubhanshu's Inspiring Journey: From Teacher to INDIGO Airlines Customer Care Professional with Sarthak Educational Trust's Guidance. Explore how Shubhanshu transformed his career through sector-based training, interview preparation, and newfound confidence, landing a promising role at INDIGO Airlines with a salary package of 2.4 LPA. Witness the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of Sarthak's support in Shubhanshu's success story.

    Shubhanshu's journey from a teacher to a customer care role at INDIGO Airlines showcases the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of training and support.

    After completing his BSc in 2017, Shubhanshu embarked on a journey to pursue government examinations while simultaneously working as a teacher to support his studies. However, despite his best efforts, success seemed elusive, prompting him to explore new avenues.

    His path led him to Sarthak Educational Trust, where he found the guidance and resources he needed to navigate the transition from teaching to the corporate world. Through sector-based training and interview preparation, Shubhanshu honed his skills and gained confidence in his abilities.

    Despite being unfamiliar with corporate culture and struggling with communication initially, Shubhanshu's dedication and hard work paid off. After three months of intensive training, he secured a position at INDIGO Airlines in Delhi, with a promising salary package of 2.4 LPA.

    Shubhanshu's joy is palpable as he looks forward to the next chapter of his career, knowing that his hard work has paid off. His story is a testament to the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and seizing opportunities for growth. With INDIGO Airlines planning to relocate him to his hometown of Ayodhya after basic training, Shubhanshu's journey has come full circle, demonstrating that with determination and support, success knows no bounds.


    Sahil Parveen

    Empowering Through Inclusive Hiring: Aditya Birla's Impactful Approach

    Discover how Aditya Birla's commitment to inclusivity is changing lives. Through partnerships with organizations like Sarthak Educational Trust, Aditya Birla provides opportunities for individuals like Sharad to rebuild their careers and thrive in the workforce. Learn more about the transformative power of inclusive hiring.

    Aditya Birla's dedication to social responsibility extends beyond profit margins to creating meaningful opportunities for all. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like Sarthak Educational Trust, Aditya Birla promotes inclusivity in the workforce, empowering individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

    Sharad's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Aditya Birla's inclusive hiring practices. Despite facing challenges due to a life-altering accident, Sharad found hope and support through Sarthak Educational Trust's programs. With determination and resilience, he rebuilt his career and now thrives as a Customer Care Executive at Aditya Birla.

    Aditya Birla's commitment to inclusive hiring goes beyond mere compliance—it is a reflection of their belief in the value of diversity. By providing equal opportunities for all, Aditya Birla not only enriches their workforce but also contributes to a more inclusive society.


    Sahil Parveen

    Kuldeep's Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Challenges with Hope


    Step into Kuldeep's world, where challenges were aplenty but so was his unwavering determination. Despite facing a locomotor disability, Kuldeep's journey with Sarthak Educational Trust is a story of hope and perseverance.

    Overcoming Life's Hurdles:

    Growing up in Muzaffarnagar, Kuldeep's life took a different turn when he was diagnosed with a locomotor disability. But Kuldeep, with his family's loving support, decided early on that his disability wouldn't define him. He pursued his studies, dreaming of a bright future despite the obstacles in his path.

    Discovering a Source of Hope:

    In his quest for independence, Kuldeep stumbled upon Sarthak Educational Trust, a source of hope in his darkest days. Through Sarthak, Kuldeep found the tools he needed to navigate the challenges ahead. The support and guidance he received ignited a flame of hope within him.

    Balancing Dreams and Reality:

    With Sarthak's assistance, Kuldeep found a way to balance his aspirations and immediate needs. A part-time telecalling job at IndiaMart not only provided him with a steady income but also the flexibility to pursue his dreams of a government job. Kuldeep's determination knew no bounds.

    Embracing a New Chapter:

    Today, Kuldeep stands tall as an example of strength and hope. Despite his disability, he earns a livelihood through his part-time job while chasing his dream of a government job. His journey is an inspiration for all who face challenges, showing them that with courage and support, no obstacle is insurmountable.


    Kuldeep's story is not just about overcoming obstacles—it's about the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Through Sarthak Educational Trust's unwavering support, Kuldeep has not only found a way to survive but to thrive. His journey reminds us that hope can light even the darkest of paths, and that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and triumph.


    Sahil Parveen

    Jameel Abbas: Overcoming Adversity, Embracing Victory

    Jameel Abbas, a beacon of resilience and determination, has transformed adversity into triumph through his inspiring success story. Hailing from Sikandrapur, Uttar Pradesh, Jameel faced the harsh reality of a locomotor disability. Despite this challenge, he emerged victorious as a product delivery executive at Blinkit, earning a commendable monthly income of 16000.

    Jameel's Life Journey:

    Jameel's journey to Blinkit was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The hardships began when he couldn't complete his graduation due to his father's demise. Starting with a job at a local garment shop in Delhi, Jameel faced a setback as the job lasted only a year. Married with two kids at that time, he navigated through the tough times by working as a daily wage laborer and a plumber for almost two years.

    The nature of these jobs meant inconsistent incomes, with stretches of 10-15 days without any earnings. Despite these hardships, Jameel persisted, demonstrating remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.

    "Breaking Barriers: Jameel's Transformation Through Sarthak Educational Trust"

    The turning point in Jameel's life occurred in September 2023 when he discovered Sarthak. It not only provided him with essential training for office work but also focused on improving his communication skills. This training became a crucial asset in Jameel's journey toward a more stable and fulfilling career.

    "A Tale of Triumph: Jameel Abbas' Career Ascension with Sarthak's Support" :

    Following his training at Sarthak, Jameel faced an initial setback with a rejection from few companies. However, undeterred, he continued to pursue opportunities and ultimately succeeded in securing a position as a product delivery executive at Blinkit. This job not only provided him with much-needed stability but also offered the flexibility in work hours that allowed him to explore additional income streams.

    Conclusion: Empowering Dreams with Sarthak

    Jameel Abbas's story serves as a tribute to the transformational power of learning, dedication, and determination in overcoming adversity and succeeding. Jameel's success can be attributed to the holistic support provided by Sarthak, which goes beyond just skills training. The institute played a pivotal role in boosting his confidence, refining his professional demeanor, and preparing him for the competitive job market.


    Sahil Parveen

    "Through the Lens of Resilience: Avinash's Triumph"

    A Turning Point in Avinash's Life:

    Avinash's remarkable journey reflects unwavering determination after a life-altering accident during his BE degree in 1990. A fall from a dam resulted in a spinal cord injury, posing challenges to his education.

    Family Support:

    For two years, Avinash's family stood by him through physical and emotional challenges. Amidst adversity, he found solace and purpose in photography, emerging stronger.

    Avinash's Journey into Photography:

    Despite hurdles, Avinash completed his degree and delved into outdoor photography seriously in 2007. In 2014, he earned the Bronze medal in the NAAI competition, showcasing his artistic prowess and resilience.

    Recent Victory:

    In January 2024, Avinash secured the Silver medal in the NAAI event in Goa, organized by Sarthak Educational Trust. This recognition not only marks his growth as a photographer but also motivates those facing challenges.

    Empowering Others:

    Since 1998, Avinash has been integral to Helpers of the Handicap, aiding in AID and Appliance manufacturing for individuals with disabilities, embodying his commitment to making a positive impact.

    Conclusion: Empowering Dreams with Sarthak

    Avinash's story inspires, emphasizing that with resilience, support, and commitment to passion, individuals can overcome adversity, creating a purposeful life. His journey serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to embrace strengths and pursue dreams despite obstacles.


    Sahil Parveen

    Sahil Parveen's Inspiring Journey: Striking the Perfect Balance with Sarthak and Hotel Radisson

    Embark on a captivating journey through the life of Sahil Parveen, a resilient resident of Delhi, who discovered the delicate art of balancing studies and financial independence. Sahil's narrative unfolds as a testament to the transformative impact of Sarthak Educational Trust and the welcoming doors of opportunity at Hotel Radisson.

    In the bustling streets of Rajeev Chowk, Delhi, Sahil, a dedicated BA degree pursuer, found herself at the crossroads of academia and the pursuit of financial stability. This is where Sarthak Educational Trust became her guiding light. The trust not only provided her with the necessary skills and confidence but also became a cornerstone for Sahil to navigate the complexities of a professional life while pursuing her studies.

    Picture Sahil's joy and sense of accomplishment as she secured a role in Housekeeping – Desk Work at Hotel Radisson. The prestigious hotel not only offered her a stable job but also became a platform where she could showcase her capabilities, all thanks to the foundation laid by Sarthak.

    Earning a monthly salary of 10,000 rupees, Sahil's story is a powerful illustration of how the right support system can turn dreams into reality. Join us in celebrating Sahil Parveen's triumph as she beautifully orchestrates the harmonious blend of academic pursuits and professional growth with the support of Sarthak and Hotel Radisson.



    Mayur - The Zepto Soldier: A Story of Strength and Success

    Let's dive into Mayur's incredible journey, a tale of strength and determination that unfolds in the heart of Mumbai. Mayur, a person with hearing impairment, faced the challenge of supporting his family after his father passed away. Driven by responsibility, he sought opportunities that matched his abilities and dreams.

    In June 2023, Mayur connected with Sarthak Educational Trust, a place that supports people with disabilities. Joining Sarthak's training program became the starting point for Mayur's journey towards success.

    Mayur's dedication didn't go unnoticed. His hard work earned him the title of "Zepto Soldier" as he secured a position as a Café Partner at Zepto. This role not only brought him financial stability but also allowed him to help his family.

    Mayur's story is not just about his achievements; it's a tale of family support. With his earnings as a Café Partner, he became a strong support for his hardworking mother, managing the household together. Mayur's journey shows how employment can bring positive changes to families.

    Five months into his role, Mayur is content with his job, salary, and his ability to support his family. Sarthak's help didn't just open doors to employment; it also filled Mayur's professional and personal life with pride and fulfillment.

    In conclusion, Mayur's journey showcases the impact of Sarthak Educational Trust. By offering training, support, and job opportunities, Sarthak empowers individuals like Mayur to overcome challenges and emerge as symbols of strength and success.



    Sabreen - Telecaller Executive at Jandarn Resorts:

    Embark on the inspiring journey of Sabreen, a testament to resilience and determination. Follow her transformation from a high school graduate to a Telecaller Executive at Jandarn Resorts, showcasing how Sarthak's training can turn dreams into reality.

    Chapter 1: A High School Graduate's Aspiration

    Sabreen, despite completing only high school, harbored aspirations for a fulfilling job that allowed her to work from home. Her vision included managing her studies while preparing for exams, illustrating the importance of flexible employment opportunities for individuals with diverse needs.

    Chapter 2: The Sarthak Training Advantage

    Enter Sarthak, a guiding force in Sabreen's journey. Through specialized training, she honed her communication skills, a crucial asset for securing a telecaller position. Sarthak's commitment to skill-building became the cornerstone of Sabreen's success.

    Chapter 3: A Telecaller Executive at Jandarn Resorts

    With newfound confidence and skills, Sabreen successfully secured a position as a Telecaller Executive at Jandarn Resorts. Her story highlights the transformative impact of Sarthak's training programs, not just in securing employment but also in fostering a sense of independence and accomplishment.

    Chapter 4: Balancing Work and Higher Studies

    Sabreen's job at Jandarn Resorts not only provides her with financial independence but also accommodates her academic pursuits. The flexibility offered by her role is a testament to the inclusive employment opportunities championed by Sarthak.

    Chapter 5: A Future Defined by Possibilities

    As Sabreen continues her professional journey, she envisions pursuing higher degrees while excelling in her current role. Sarthak's support has not only empowered her economically but has also set her on a path where the sky's the limit.

    Conclusion: Empowering Dreams with Sarthak

    Sabreen's story encapsulates the essence of Sarthak's mission – to empower individuals with disabilities and provide them with opportunities that lead to professional independence. Through dedicated training and inclusive employment initiatives, Sarthak proves that dreams are not limited by circumstances but can flourish with the right support.


    Gitesh Gaoukar

    Empowering Dreams: Gitesh Ravindra Gaokar's Inspirational Journey with Sarthak

    Gitesh Gaoukar - From Challenges to INDIGO: Gitesh Ravindra Gaokar, a Mumbai resident, triumphed over challenges to become a Customer Service Officer at INDIGO Airlines. Discover his journey of resilience and skill-building that led to a dream job and a promising career.

    Introduction: In the bustling city of Mumbai, where dreams often face challenges, Gitesh Gaokar emerged as a symbol of resilience and triumph. This is the inspiring tale of a young man who transformed adversities into opportunities, thanks to the unwavering support and skill-building training provided by Sarthak Educational Trust.

    Overcoming Challenges: Gitesh, a resilient individual from Jogeshwari, Mumbai, confronted the distinctive challenges of having both Locomotor and Cerebral Palsy Disabilities. Post his graduation, the harsh reality of employment struggles loomed large. Despite the seemingly closed doors, Gitesh remained undeterred. Sarthak became a beacon of hope in his life, extending a supportive hand to help navigate through the obstacles.

    The Sarthak Impact: Sarthak's holistic approach to empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) became Gitesh's guiding light. Through skill-building training, Sarthak equipped him with the necessary tools to face the competitive job market. The comprehensive support extended by the organization played a pivotal role in shaping Gitesh's mindset and capabilities.

    INDIGO Airlines - A Dream Realized: Gitesh's journey took a transformative turn when he secured a position at INDIGO Airlines. The skillset honed through Sarthak's training not only helped him navigate the rigorous selection process but also impressed the recruiters. In September 2023, Gitesh proudly assumed his role as a Customer Service Officer, a testament to his determination and the effectiveness of Sarthak's interventions.

    Pride in Achievement: As a fresher, Gitesh achieved a significant milestone by securing a position at INDIGO with a commendable salary package of 2.8 lacs per annum. This achievement not only marked the beginning of his professional journey but also instilled a sense of pride in overcoming barriers that society often places before individuals with disabilities.

    Conclusion: Gitesh Gaokar's journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact organizations like Sarthak Educational Trust can have on the lives of PwDs. His story highlights the importance of holistic support, skill-building, and creating an inclusive environment where dreams can flourish. Gitesh's success not only empowers him but also serves as an inspiration for countless others facing similar challenges.

    Closing Note: As we celebrate Gitesh's success, we recognize that the journey towards inclusivity and empowerment is ongoing. Sarthak Educational Trust continues its mission to create pathways for individuals like Gitesh, fostering a society where every dream, regardless of ability, can be realized.


    Suraj S

    Suraj S, Hearing Impairment

    It is well said "If you try to take one step for your betterment then you will automatically get a hundred ways to achieve your goal"

    This is the story of Suraj who currently lives in Kerala. Suraj has a hearing loss disability and his disability was detected when he was very young. Suraj has 4 family members Father, Mother, and an Elder sister who is already married. During his schooling, he shared, he faced lots of issues in expressing himself in school, while playing with his friend, and he used to get unnecessary sympathy from relatives and other people because that makes him realize every time that he has some kind of incompleteness in him. Once he completed his graduation, he shared that he started finding a job for himself as he thought that now he should help his parents in their household. Suraj shared he tried appearing for interviews in many organizations but he got rejected due to which he lost his confidence in himself. He explained his rejection started making him feel as if he lost everything and he won’t be able to do anything in his life. He said that he went through huge abjection and then due to this pandemic he lost his temperament and felt helpless.

    He came to know about Sarthak Educational Trust through a Mobilizer staff who explained him the whole training process, he was interested in the program and he gave all his documents and registered for the classes. Then, after three months of training. He told us that he learned so many skills. He was able to understand how he can develop Self- confidence and can improve his communication skills, today he is very much confident and is approaching every matter in my life in a positive manner.

    After completion of his training, he got placed in Coffee Café Day and currently taking 10,500 salary in hand along with perks and employee benefits. He’s happy how the training helped him & changed his life.


    Anusha K - Hearing impairment

    Acceptance is the first step of the journey to beat disability. Anusha’s story is a fine example of how acceptance of the disability by oneself and the family, promotes leading a normal & happy life despite of having a disability.Anusha K is a well-educated girl who was born with hearing impairment. She completed her BSC in Computer Science from Kerala and currently resides in Malampuram, Kerala. Her family consists of five people including her parents and siblings.

    Anusha stated that it was not easy for her to live her life with a disability, but it was her family's support that allowed her to feel confident and accepting her impairment. She explained that throughout her school days, she faced many difficulties traveling or conveying her point to comprehend other people, and as a result, she was completely reliant on her father for going out. But one day she gathered courage and chose to travel alone, she wanted to push herself beyond her comfort zone. She explains that she understood that difficulties comes with everyone, whether they are crippled or have some other challenge, but it is up to us how we deal with the challenge, which is why she decided to go alone and spread acceptance among others. Anusha discusses She encountered difficulty at first, but she ultimately learned to go alone. She stated that soon after her graduation she begun seeking a work possibility, but the condition of covid-19 had made it more difficult. Fortunately, One day Sarthak Educational Trust called her regarding the training program and told her about the employment possibilities for skilled PwDs. She registered soon and began her training at Sarthak. Anusha says, she learned a lot of new things and improved herself by learning Soft skills, Basic English, and computer and that over time she saw a good confidence level and a lot of positive improvements as a result of this training.
    She also received training in the IT field (Data entry operator), and after three months of training, she was hired by Jal Jeevan mission [Kerala water authority] as a Data entry Operator.She stated that joining Sarthak made it simpler for her to obtain work and thanked Sarthak and HDFC Bank CSR for instilling a good shift in her so that she may also fly and be independent. Finally, she stated, "It doesn't matter how slowly you move as long as you don't stop."


    Suraj S
    Suraj S

    Hiral Ajugya - Low Vision

    In our life we all want to be in a place with peace, comfort, stress-free, and a successful life. But is it possible with everyone? All of us complain about what we don’t have, but on the other hand, we sometimes escape what we have!

    Yes, likewise Hiral thought about life. 22 years old Hiral was in an incubator right after birth and faced scissors and also had a fever and under all this procedure she was left with one eye vision with low visibility. Parents were disturbed, because the child for whom they prayed was born but with disability. Disturbing but nonetheless, when Hiral’s little finger held her mother's hand, Jigishaben held her tightly and accepted her the way she was born.

    Hiral started growing; she was about to start school, but rejected her to get admission in the school and even told by many authorities to not put much effort on her schooling. But her mother’s determination not only helped her to complete her schooling....

    She grew older, seeing her parents struggling for her to have a good life and started thinking, why is life not easy? Why am I like this? How can I help my parents?

    After completing her graduation, she was focused on getting a job. She had given interview one’s, she passed the first round but all and sundry is seeing her like why she was here? She ignored them and focused on giving interviews. Continuous rejection shattered her and even she refused to choose Sarthak’s training but a detailed interaction with the help desk staff cleared her doubts.

    She enrolled herself for training for a three months course and put her 100% efforts into equipping herself with employability skills and the rest was a very blissful journey. Now she is working at Saarathee CRM private Ltd as a Customer Care Executive designation, with a monthly income of Rs. 10,500/- She is very happy as she got work from home opportunity.

    She feels overwhelmed by Sarthak as she got the support of placement and now she is supporting her family financially; it was the biggest dream for her and which is accomplished. She is truly thankful to the Sarthak Team for helping Pwds with placement and making them empowered and also motivating us to live our life with respect and dignity.


    Sagar Sopan - Locomotor Disability

    Sagar is a 31 years old and has a Locomotor Disability in one arm & one leg. But he was not disabled by birth. He used to go to school & his mother used to pick & drop him till the door steps.

    One day while walking on the street he was crossing the road & suddenly one car hit him very badly, and this road accident turned into a nightmare for Sagar because he lost his movements in one arm & one leg which was very painful for him. He didn't wish to live after this accident, but he got his family’s support and motivation & slowly his life came on the track, he started going school again but this time he was not like other children he met before.

    His favourite outdoor game was football but due to his disability he wasn’t able to play anymore. His life was totally changed after this road accident, but he never lost hope & he completed his higher studies with flying colours....

    After his studies he was in search of a job but getting a job was not easy for him. Still he applied whenever and wherever he got to know about the vacancies, but still he didn’t get any job. He started losing his hopes about his career. He used to ask questions to himself such as, how you would be able to help your parents. How will you become an independent person? When will you get a job? Etc.

    But one day, he got a call from Sarthak Educational Trust-Thane Centre where he got to know about the 3 months training program. First, he was unable to believe that why would someone help him, give training and will give a job that too for free? A lot of questions were running in his mind but he took time for two days. He searched about Sarthak on Google, Facebook, Instagram, wherever it was possible. Then after searching everything about Sarthak, he registered himself and he started taking 3 months skill building training, where he got to learn Basic Soft skills, Basic English & Basic computers in the initial training period after 1.5months he got training in IT/ITes sector. In which he learned about the job role of a CRM Domestic Voice. Even after getting training in the IT sector, one day he shared about his preference to his trainer that he wants to work in a Retail sector. His trainer didn’t promise him but yes assured him to try their level best for his preferred area.

    Then after the training, with a lot of effort from the Manager of Thane center, he got placed in his preferred sector which was Retail sector. He got selected in Bharat Watch Company as a Store keeper where he is getting 9,000/- Rs. per month salary.

    And today, He is really very happy, proud and thankful to Sarthak Educational Trust for providing him this opportunity.


    Suraj S

    Suraj S

    Empowering Abdul: Helping Him Hear Better from Day One

    Witness Abdul's incredible journey from struggling with hearing to making great strides at Sarthak Early Intervention Center. Despite facing money problems, his parents didn't give up. They got Abdul a cochlear implant, but it was at Sarthak that he really found his voice. With special therapy, he's now doing better than ever, listening and learning with confidence. Let's celebrate Abdul's success story!

    Abdul's mom is so thankful for Sarthak Early Intervention Center. Before he started therapy there, Abdul had a hard time understanding and talking. But now, he's doing much better!

    When Abdul was little, the doctor said he couldn't hear well. It was tough for his family, especially because they didn't have much money. Abdul's dad works on a computer in a small company. They decided to get Abdul an operation to help him hear better.

    But even after the operation, Abdul didn't improve much. That's when they found Sarthak in 2023. His parents were hopeful again. With the special help he got at Sarthak, Abdul started doing really well in just a year.

    Now, Abdul can understand and talk much better. It took him six years to learn to talk properly, but with Sarthak's help, he's doing great!


    Suraj S

    🌟 Our Journey with Sanchit: A Tale of Love and Resilience 🌟

    As parents, our world changed when Sanchit was diagnosed with autism. Suddenly, our dreams for him were clouded with uncertainty and fear. But amidst the challenges, we found hope in the compassionate embrace of Sarthak Early Intervention.

    Through virtual therapy sessions and personalized interventions, Sarthak became our anchor, guiding us through the ups and downs of Sanchit's journey. With their unwavering support, Sanchit has made incredible progress, defying odds and embracing every moment with joy.

    Join us in celebrating Sanchit's remarkable achievements and spreading awareness for autism acceptance. Together, we can build a world where every child is valued, cherished, and included.


    Suraj S

    🌟Madhur's Journey: Overcoming Hearing Loss with Determination and Support

    Madhur's early years were filled with laughter and joy, but at the tender age of 1.5, his parents noticed something amiss. Their little boy wasn't responding to sounds as he should. Concerned, they embarked on a journey to seek answers, traveling from their small town in Hisar, Haryana, to a medical facility in Hisar. There, their fears were confirmed – Madhur was facing challenges with his hearing.

    Facing the Challenge Together:

    The diagnosis wasn't easy for Madhur's family. They felt lost, unsure of what to do next. But amidst the uncertainty, they found strength in each other. Rather than letting despair consume them, they chose to face the challenge head-on. They learned about cochlear implants, a revolutionary solution that could help Madhur hear the world around him.

    A Step Towards Hope:

    At the age of 3, Madhur underwent cochlear implant surgery, a pivotal moment in his journey. For his parents, it wasn't just a medical procedure; it was a step towards hope – a chance for Madhur to experience the joys of sound and communication.

    Navigating New Terrain:

    Yet, the surgery was just the beginning. Madhur needed specialized therapy to help him adapt to his newfound ability to hear. Living in a small town posed challenges in accessing the right kind of support. But Madhur's parents were determined. With the support of other parents in similar situations, they discovered Sarthak Early Intervention Center in Delhi.

    Guided by Experts, Supported by Love:

    With Sarthak's guidance, Madhur began online therapy sessions. His parents were amazed at the progress he made. "We were struggling to find the right approach to speech therapy," Madhur's mother recalls. "But the team at Sarthak understood Madhur's needs and guided us every step of the way. Their support has been invaluable."

    A Brighter Future Ahead:

    Now, a year into therapy, Madhur is thriving. His laughter fills their home, a testament to his resilience and the unwavering support of his family and the team at Sarthak. As they look towards the future, Madhur's parents are filled with hope – hope for a world where their son can achieve anything he sets his mind to, thanks to the love, determination, and support that surround him.


    Abhinav's Inspiring Journey: A Symphony of Progress!

    Eight months back, Abhinav's family found Sarthak Early Intervention Center online. With their clear guidance, Abhinav now gets commands, knows objects, and talks! His mom is super happy, and he does therapy at home, getting better every day!

    Abhinav's story is like a loud cheer – with help, kids with special needs can do awesome things! 🌟 Starting early is super important for happy lives and reaching goals. ...Let me tell you more about Abhinav, a brave young soul from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. At the tender age of 2, Abhinav faced a challenge – he couldn't hear well. Living in a small town made finding help quite tricky. In 2022, hope arrived in the form of a surgery, aiming to bring sound into Abhinav's world. However, understanding things remained a tough puzzle for him.

    Around eight months ago, a breakthrough happened. Abhinav's family stumbled upon the Sarthak Early Intervention Center online. It was like finding a treasure chest of guidance and support. Sarthak became their guiding star, helping Abhinav connect with the world of commands, recognizing everyday things, and even expressing himself through words! Imagine the joy that brought to his mom's heart.

    Each day brings progress in Abhinav's journey, with therapy sessions becoming a special time at home. It's not just about therapy; it's about creating a beautiful melody of progress, a symphony that fills their home with hope and happiness.

    Abhinav's story is more than just a cheer; it's a celebration of resilience and determination. It teaches us that with the right support, children with special needs, like Abhinav, can achieve incredible things! 🌟 The key, as we've learned, is starting early – it sets the stage for a happy life and reaching goals. If you want to dive deeper into Abhinav's amazing journey, click here: [Link] Let's share Abhinav's melody of triumph, spreading the message that support and early intervention can create beautiful symphonies in the lives of children with special needs. 💚 #AbhinavTriumphs #SarthakSuccess


    Suraj S
    Suraj S


    When the kids of her age, started mixing up with others, interacting, participating in various activities, learn new things, Ashnoor was a child completely different from her cousins & friends. She won’t perform her daily routine activities as other kids would do, she didn’t have a social understanding that children develop and sometimes couldn’t remember what just happened a while ago.

    Ashnoor was never interested in things happening around her. Though these things were really distressing for her parents but initially they thought that she was not being taken care of properly and that they just need to give her more attention. Shortly when she turned 5, they realized that things are not that simple. This is a serious call as Ashnoor keeps crying and pushing people away from her. They took her for doctor consultation and found out something that even their worst vision won't see coming.

    Ashnoor was diagnosed with intellectual disability- A condition where children have a difficulty in problem-solving, they can’t think abstractly, have an issue with intellectual abilities like learning disability, and academic issues as they can’t learn like other children of their age. They can also have behavioral issues and feel uncomfortable interacting with people.

    Her parents got her admitted to a special school as taking expensive therapies was not possible. Fortunately, they could find one where at least her studies got a kickstart. However, her behavior was still alarming. Felt like, she was not comfortable in the special school too.

    Ashnoor was 8 years old when a special child parent of her school suggested Sarthak for free-of-cost therapies. They visited our center, where her case history was noted and the therapist suggested special education, and speech & behavioral therapy. Before association with Sarthak, she used to push away people and cry, and would not say more than a word. Gradually, after her behavior therapy, she started paying attention to whatever was being told to her. She learned to sit in a place and be calm for longer periods. The special educator worked on her concept building by teaching big and small, same and different, Alphabet identification and numbers. The speech therapist worked on her word formation, and her initial, medial, and final dental sound /s/.

    Now not only does she understand various abstract concepts such as differentiating feelings, emotions, and focus plus her behavior is also calmer, she greets /namaste/ at Sarthak as well as at home.Her parents feel very happy to find her improving, though a bit late but they realized that therapy could improve her a lot and they also get complete counseling support & guidance from Sarthak EI Centre.


    Suraj S

    Harsimran - Intellectual Disability

    When Harsimran was 4-years of age, his father expressed his concern towards his inappropriate behavior and posture to his family. The family agreed on the fact that his hand always bend towards his mouth and always mold to the chest, maybe his backbone muscles are still not so strong which is causing an inappropriate posture in harsimaran’s body.

    The other matter of worry was that he also doesn’t talk or speak like other kids of his age. Earlier, they thought harsimaran is a reserved kid and doesn’t like talking to people.

    Also, his aggressive behavior was taken as a sign of their excessive care & protective nature that spoilt him and he now doesn’t follow any instructions and hits people if they try to speak to him.

    However, this continued and later on when the condition was out of control as harsimaran’s behavior problems were on peak, he started hitting & biting others, drooled a lot, and felt very uncomfortable with even the children of his own age. ... Living in a nuclear family, his parents did not understand the cues initially, and even when they realized that there is an issue, they did not have the appropriate guidance. Eventually, they stopped making him meet new people and spent time with parents mostly, they tried comforting him by various things such as involving him in household tasks and taking him to gurudwaaras.

    Their efforts were in vain, Thus, At the age of 5 year his father took him for medical consultation and a psychologist. What the Psychologist said was something they were wanting to avoid accepting since the beginning that this not just a temporary behavior pattern but their son was diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

    They had no other option but to accept & move ahead. Parents decided to take Harsimran for suggested therapies from a nearby place but even after a few months they did not find any visible changes in harsimaran’s condition. He was still lost in his own world didn’t want to connect with the people. And also had same rigid behaviour of not doing things, not listening to his parents.

    The therapy was not working for him and his parents were utterly disappointed and stressed. He was in the age to start his education now but his parents were tensed about the behavior and did not want to leave him alone for this long in school.

    One day, Sarthak mobilization team contacted the family, they were called to the nearest center and the therapist took detailed case history after which they suggested speech therapy, Special Education and occupational therapy sessions. Parental counselling was done to make them understand more about the condition. so, they are aware about the suffering Harsimran goes through himself and because parenting is the most important part of any therapy. His parents gradually started to connect with him and now understand what their child needs and how some more attention would make him feel better and not spoilt. It was tough but they have to deal with the child very patiently.

    Before associating with Sarthak, Harsimaran had difficulty in holding things, at his very first visit to Sarthak he cried a lot. “Because of his not want to do anything’ attitude led to difficulty in interaction with the EI team.

    At the center, he cried almost 30 minutes at every visit and started throwing things whatever he got in hand he just threw that very hard on the floor or the wall. On the other hand, he drooled a lot at the duration of 30-minute session he made himself all wet by his drooling.

    Also, whenever therapist tried to connect with harsimran he used to bite them, the condition was very crucial and took a lot of efforts. by each and every therapist. As he denied sitting at a place, Behavior therapies were started before occupational one which would then work on his posture.

    Finally, after months of patience, Now, harsimaran sits at a place and takes interest doing activities with other children. Occupational therapist work on his posture now he does not put his hand in the mouth. After doing Oro facial massage & speech therapy, he has improved a lot.

    The special educator works on his writing skills and the very first stage of writing- he now enjoys


    Gouri - Down Syndrome

    Gouri, now 5 years old, was born with Polyhydromnios (where excessive amniotic fluid is accumulated in the uterus) and Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (where a new-born breathes a mixture of meconium and amniotic fluid into the lungs at the time of delivery). Her mother shared that Gouri’s birth cry was delayed by 5 minutes and collectively, all these complications led her to suffer respiratory distress because of which she was kept in the ventilator for 5 days.

    She comes from a lower-middle-class family and her family comprises of 4 members. Her father is employed in a private job, her mother is a housewife and she also has a 3 years old brother.Her parents were unaware of all the issues she might have in future and nor did the doctor inform them. It was only after her development ... milestones delayed and she faced feeding difficulty at the age of 6 months when her parents consulted a Pediatrician. It was that time when Gouri was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

    Even though Gouri has two close relatives with disabilities, her diagnosis still came as a surprise to her parents because none of their relatives had history of Down Syndrome.

    As she was growing up, her parents also identified how her tongue movement was sluggish, she faced difficulty in chewing and could not adhere to simple commands made by the elders. Out of consciousness, her parents consulted doctors who gave her medications and advised therapeutic management. They started her therapy in private clinics but their lower socio-economic background could not sustain the costs of therapy for long and eventually, her therapy sessions were put on hold.

    6 months ago, while the parents were still struggling with the child; Sarthak’s Early Intervention Team contacted them. Since they stay outside Delhi, they were unable to visit Sarthak’s Early Intervention Center but they were counselled over phone and video calls regarding Down Syndrome and its intervention process. The provision of free-of-cost online therapy sessions and home-based sessions really interested the parents and they enrolled Gouri in it right away.

    Under our Early Intervention Program, she was provided regular occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education services. Her speech therapy was focused on oromotor exercises, vocabulary building and socialization; occupation therapy was focused on hand functioning and motor functioning and special education sessions were focused on scribbling, coloring, alphabet writing. Collectively, all these sessions showed a drastic improvement in her everyday performance.

    Both her parents and Sarthak’s team are relieved and happy to see her improvement. Over time, her mother has also become very participative in therapy techniques at home and continues to support her in improving her learning abilities and academic growth.


    Suraj S
    Suraj S

    Aarish - Hearing Impairment

    At his very first visit to Sarthak, Aarish cried a lot.He was a very hyperactive child who didn’t want to sit at a place, kept running and jumping here and there. He even started shouting when therapist tried to interact with him.

    Rewind back to 2019, At the age of 3-years, Aarish’s father expressed his concern towards Aarish’s delayed speech. They thought that since some children speak a little late, it is very normal and we should wait. However, when Aarish turned 3, his father observed that Aarish has some hearing issues also. And maybe that is why he is not able to speak. When discussed with the family, it was also noticed that they have observed some behaviour differences in him like he was not maintaining eye contact, not sitting properly at a place and unable to concentrate. He was not able to connect with people. His behavior and developmental milestones were different from other kids of his age. ...

    His lack of social attention turned Aarish’s Father attention towards some issue that needs to be treated and he got really tensed. For a long time, his father was not aware of any of the issues, but once realized, he consulted an ENT specialist. He thought that Aarish had some hearing issues but the reports were normal there was no certain issues reported for his hearing impairment. Later on, by a relative, he was asked to consult child psychologist. He did not believe what turned out to be truth in the diagnosis. It was a term that he never heard of.

    Aarish was diagnosed with - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). His father was not aware about this condition among children and almost panicked as any parent would do.

    Of course, with ASD, Aarish couldn’t learn to speak his first words which was not because of hearing issues as his father thought. In ASD, children have delayed speech issue because their emotional intelligence is affected and also they are socially distracted that’s why they start ignoring the world around them and do not connect to people by speech and don’t create vocabulary in their minds which leads to no speech among the children.

    Also, their major concern is hyperactivity that leads to aggressiveness and restlessness in Aarish’s behavior The psychologist advised his family to get his therapies sessions as therapy is the only way to divert him towards a fruitful outcome. Another concern was that, when other kids of his age started going to their classes and play schools,

    Aarish's family couldn’t get him admitted to school because they thought Aarish won’t be comfortable in the regular mainstream schools. One day, Sarthak mobilization team contacted the family, they were called to the nearest center where the therapist took his detailed case history.


    Afiya - Cerebral Palsy

    9-year-old Afiya’s mother is a homemaker while her father is working in a Private Sector Company. The young girl is the first child of her parents and she was born on 12th October 2012. She was born normally like any other child. But later she became a special child because of her health issues. At the age of 9 months, her parents realized that she was not able to control her neck and not able to roll in bed. They overlooked initially because her parents thought that child is normal due to some weakness she is not growing. At the age of 13 months, she had high fever - 105 degree, she was incubated in Neonatal intensive care unit for few days in vatsalya hospital, due to which her growth was delayed. Doctors diagnosed her problem as global developmental delay. ... Her family was tensed, they did not understand what’s going on, how they will take care of the child. However, with time they learnt to cop up with situation and decided to go for therapies. Afiya’s family took her in Jain hospital, anand vihar. Where her medical and rehabilitation intervention was going on. But due to financial condition they stopped taking therapies from Jain hospital. Her parents came to know about a special school. They enrolled her for occupational therapy, speech and special education. From occupational therapy she achieved sitting, standing, holding of big objects. But for a 7-year-old child, a lot of more developments were expected and her parents were in constant stress because of that.

    They came to known about Sarthak from secondary source of mobilization one day and her mother got her enrolled in Sarthak’s Early Intervention Program. She was 7-year-old when she joined Sarthak & associated with us since 2019.

    Detailed assessment was conducted at EI centre, and it was found that afiya had muscle tightness in right side of body, restricted movement in hand, poor muscle strength, poor gait pattern, poor coordination, poor pronunciation, excessive drooling and difficulty in holding fine objects like pencil, thread, paper, key, stacking cups etc. She required multiply- disciplinary team interventions. In Sarthak, Occupational therapy helped the child to gain standing, to improved gait pattern, to improved hand functions, to deceased muscle tightness. Stretching and strengthening exercise has been performed by the therapist and afiya herself, now she is able to do active range of motion herself. She is able to do functional activities like kneeling, half kneeling, sit to stand, forward weight bearing. Regular gait training was given with the help of ANKLE-FOOT-ORTHOSIS to improve gait pattern. Now she is able to walk without support. We worked on her hand function, her gripping skills is improving she is able to hold glasses, cups, balls only. She is able to do Thera putty, stacking rings, stacking cups activities.

    With the help of speech therapy, she is able to narrate story in sentences, she is able to speak clearly. Her receptive and expressive language is improving, vocabulary skills enhancing. She is able to chew food properly, drooling has stopped.

    With the help of special education, she is able to write Alphabets, number, varnmala. She is able to identified fruits, vegetables, colors, birds and flower name.

    We can say that Afiya is an independent girl now who just needs a little care and lots of love.


    Suraj S

    Sahil Parveen

    Empowering Possibilities: Pradeep Kumar Chekurthi's Journey with GyanSarathi


    In a world where anyone can face unexpected challenges leading to disability, access to education and skill-building should be a given, not an added expense. Recognizing this, Sarthak Educational Trust, with the generous support of its stakeholders, created GyanSarathi—a specially designed Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Pradeep Kumar Chekurthi's story beautifully illustrates how GyanSarathi is changing lives by making learning accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances.

    Discovering GyanSarathi:

    Pradeep's life took a different turn when he had a life-changing accident, highlighting how disability can affect anyone at any time. Sensing the need for accessible education, Sarthak, with the help of its supporters, launched GyanSarathi—a lifeline for PwDs seeking to learn from the comfort of their homes.

    Unlocking New Opportunities:

    GyanSarathi opened doors for Pradeep, offering a wide range of courses tailored to accommodate different disabilities and learning styles. With its user-friendly design and adaptive features, GyanSarathi empowered Pradeep to explore new skills and improve his HR expertise, despite the challenges his disability presented. The platform's flexibility allowed Pradeep to learn at his own pace, breaking barriers and providing him with the tools he needed to succeed.

    Securing a Fulfilling Career:

    Equipped with the knowledge and skills gained through GyanSarathi, Pradeep embarked on a journey toward professional fulfillment. His determination and resilience caught the eye of employers, eventually leading to a rewarding career as an HR professional at Skywing Company. Pradeep's success is a testament to the transformative impact of accessible education and the unwavering support provided by Sarthak and its stakeholders.

    Inspiring Others:

    Pradeep's story isn't just about personal success—it's about hope and possibility. His journey serves as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges, showing that disability doesn't define one's abilities or potential. Through his story, Pradeep encourages others to embrace accessibility and pursue their dreams with courage and determination.


    Pradeep Kumar Chekurthi's journey with GyanSarathi embodies the power of accessibility and inclusivity in changing lives. Sarthak Educational Trust, along with its stakeholders, continues to make strides toward a more inclusive society where everyone has equal access to education and opportunity. As we celebrate Pradeep's achievements, let's reaffirm our commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a world where possibilities are endless for all, regardless of ability.


    Sahil Parveen

    Triumph Over Adversity: Mohammad Shaban's Inspiring Journey with RozgarSarathi

    Mohammad Shaban, a resilient individual hailing from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, encountered significant obstacles due to his locomotor disability. Despite facing societal misconceptions and a limited number of job opportunities, Shaban remained steadfast in his pursuit of a fulfilling career.

    The Challenges:

    Shaban's journey was fraught with challenges. Discrimination and a lack of understanding about his disability made it difficult for him to find suitable employment. However, his determination and unwavering spirit kept him moving forward.

    Discovering RozgarSarathi:

    : In the midst of his job search struggles, Shaban stumbled upon RozgarSarathi, a digital platform developed by Sarthak Educational Trust to assist individuals with disabilities in finding employment opportunities. This discovery offered a glimmer of hope in Shaban's pursuit of meaningful work.

    Training and Preparation:

    Shaban wasted no time in availing himself of the resources provided by Sarthak. In April 2023, he enrolled in training sessions aimed at enhancing his skills and building his confidence. Through tailored programs and personalized support, Shaban gained valuable insights and prepared himself for the competitive job market.

    The Turning Point:

    Shaban's dedication bore fruit in September 2023 when he received an offer to join FiveS Digital KPO Company as a Customer Care Executive. This milestone marked a significant turning point in Shaban's life, validating his perseverance and hard work

    Impact and Gratitude:

    Today, Shaban thrives in his role, serving as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. His success story serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with the right support and determination, barriers can indeed be overcome. Shaban expresses profound gratitude to RozgarSarathi and Sarthak Educational Trust for their instrumental role in transforming his life.

    A Testament to Empowerment:

    Mohammad Shaban's journey underscores the importance of inclusive initiatives like RozgarSarathi and the tireless efforts of organizations like Sarthak Educational Trust in empowering individuals with disabilities. For over 15 years, Sarthak has been committed to ensuring sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. In conclusion, Mohammad Shaban's remarkable journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and the transformative power of opportunity. His story serves as a powerful reminder that disability is not a barrier to success, but rather a springboard for triumph in the face of adversity.


    Suraj S

    Robino's Odyssey: Empowering Dreams through GyanSarathi

    Robino's journey is a testament to resilience and determination, overcoming life's challenges with the support of Sarthak's GyanSarathi platform. From a turning point after a life-altering accident to embracing education and career growth, Robino's story reflects the transformative impact of accessible learning.

    Turning Point

    In the face of adversity, Robino's life took a drastic turn after an accident. It took nearly five years for him to make a comeback, determined to complete his education and secure a job at the age of 31.

    The Sarthak Training & GyanSarathi: An Introduction

    Joining Sarthak to polish his skills, Robino discovered the GyanSarathi Portal—a technological marvel making education accessible. The platform became his bridge to education, offering flexibility and accessibility crucial to his unique circumstances.

    A Flexible and Accessible Platform - GyanSarathi

    GyanSarathi became Robino's educational haven, providing a flexible and accessible platform. Whether attending classes in person or remotely, he accessed courses and received updates from any location, showcasing the platform's convenience.

    Testing Course Understanding

    Interactive quizzes after each session gauged Robino's comprehension and motivated him to actively engage with the learning material.

    A Sense of Empowerment

    GyanSarathi's instructional videos were comprehensive and user-friendly, making learning enjoyable and effective. Beyond knowledge and skills, the platform provided a renewed sense of empowerment.

    Conclusion: Empowering Dreams with Sarthak

    Robino's story highlights the transformative power of education and the importance of accessible platforms like GyanSarathi in supporting individuals on their educational and career journeys.


    Suraj S

    Amrinder Yadav - Locomotor Disabilities, Ludhiana

    "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start."

    Amrinder has been using CapSarathi, an app developed exclusively for the people with disabilities. Thanks to this app, he gets a government pension now, as well as a job in a care centre. But the situation was different when he came to the Sarthak centre.

    Being only an 8th pass he had been struggling to find employment. In search of his livelihood, he became a part of Sarathak Training program- Digital Literacy and also came to know about CapSarathi Mobile Application. Earlier unaware of Disability Pension, he now takes advantage of this state scheme pension every month. With CapSarathi’s info portal and the help of his trainer, he applied for the Disability Pension.... Now he loves the extra money every month and is grateful that someone took the time to help him learn about government benefits.

    To download this app, please visit-


    Bharat Kumar - Hearing impairment, Bangalore

    Bharat Kumar unlike the other people of his age in his neighbourhood, was born with hearing difficulties, making him different from his friends and naturally he faced some challenges in education and also struggled to find a suitable job opportunity. He lives in Bangalore and saw a post in a Facebook group for the disabled. The post was about CapSarathi, a mobile application that helps people with disabilities apply for and get their UDID or Unique Disabled Identification card. The application is free and an upgrade is available where users can receive notifications and can connect to helpdesk for further support. Bharat must have found this helpful because he downloaded the application on his phone and started using it right away. After applying, he also joined the Sarthak Placement Program to find a job closer to home in case he couldn't make it all the way to his interview on his scooter. He also completed a course on sign language for more fluency with his team members.... Bharat’s family also sees a ray of hope with his developments and he loved the app so much that he keeps on promoting it among his contacts.

    To download this app, please visit-


    Suraj S

    Deepali Pawar - VI

    God helps those, who help themselves, you must have heard it several times since childhood. The fact perfectly suits our diligent candidate- Deepali.

    Deepali Pawar, a young girl with positive attitude and smile belongs to a lower middle-class family. Her Father is a shopkeeper where he sells Veneration material. She has 2 elder brothers also who are currently studying & working along with it. Deepali loves reading technology stuff on the internet. She is graduate in Arts stream and has also done D-Ed from Nashik. Till the age of 17, she was a bubbly girl, enjoying her life like any other student would.

    However, Fate had decided a challenge to affect her. During her first year B.A. Diwali vacation she got fever post which she started feeling weak, was unable to perform even the small tasks at home and had to rest all day. She also felt a strain in eyes while reading or watching television or phone. After consulting ...a family doctor, she was suggested to get her eye-sight checked and wear spectacles accordingly. As she started wearing specs, she faced headache and irritation. As they were not comfortable for her, she discontinued using them. But her vision was still weak than before and she had to do something about it. Her family tried to help her out by taking her to specialists suggested by their knowns.

    Regardless of multiple visits in to hospital for the treatment, her health was going in to critical condition continuously. Eventually, the doctor did her CT scan and then, to their surprise Deepali’s eye-sight issue turned out to be Brain Tuberculomas. Doctor informed the family, that some of her brain nerves were blocked. They immediately started her treatment in Sayadri Hospital at Nashik Maharashtra and somehow, they were successful in saving her life. She came back to home after the required stay at the hospital. Even though slowly her health condition improved overall, Unfortunately her vision was deeply affected by the condition, making her slowly lose her vision of both the eyes.

    The main reason of her blindness was no blood circulation in her optic nerves. Her parents took her to many doctors for her eye treatment. But, there wasn’t any positive result at all. It was really hard to accept that their young daughter who was studying hard has to lead a completely different life now.

    Gradually, Deepali and her family members accepted the condition and started giving her every possible support. Because of her health issues and sudden blindness her life drastically changed. She couldn’t continue her graduation studies and had to take a long gap. One day, her father read an article in Maharashtra times newspaper about career counselling seminar in National Association for the Blind (NAB) Mumbai. Without any delay he took Deepali to NAB centre where she met people who helped her with the options that were not known to her before.

    She did D-ed and learned braille and typing in computer. Soon, she also completed basic computer training from training Institute of India (TTI) Pune became skilled computer user.

    One of the Sarthak alumni and her friend Pallavi from Solapur Maharashtra suggested her about Sarthak 3 months training program which will work on her soft skills as well and will provide good placement opportunity. The idea seemed worth trying as the training would be completed in just 3-months, that too free of cost. She soon registered her name for the Sarthak Job Entrepreneurship training course attended all classes regularly. She enhanced her English Communication and computer skills with the help of the skill development course. Thanks to her confidence & positive attitude, soon after the training she got a BPO processing work from home employment opportunity in Saaradhee. Currently she is continuing the same job and supporting her family as well. She wants to develop her career in the same sector and wants to become successful & independent person in life.


    Suraj S

    New Delhi Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Shubhor Khanna, Founder & CEO, Vodox Global Services
    • •   Group Capt. DV Arora VSM, Founder & CEO, Perfect Solutions
    • •   Shri Rajive Gulati, Sr Programme Officer Incubation UNTILabs
    • •   Shri Ashish, Ashish Kumar & Associate
    • •   Shri Vijay S Jodha, Filmmaker
    • •   Smt Priyanka Das, Recruitment Professional
    • •   Shri Pankaj Chaurasia, CA, Pankaj Chaurasia & Co.
    • •   Shri Prashant Ranjan Verma, General Secretary, National Association for the Blind
    • •   Shri Anil Joshi, Program Director, IBM Accessibility, IBM

    Chandigarh Advisory Board

    • •   Smt. Guneet Sethi, Director HRD & CSR, Gillard Electronics Private Limited
    • •   Shri Shyam Sunder Pattnaik, Director NITTTR
    • •   Dr. J.S. Saini, Former Dean & HOD, NITTTR
    • •   Shri Paramjit Singh Sodhi, Advisor, Competent
    • •   Col. Inderjeet Singh Multani, Indian Army
    • •   Shri Vivek Trivedi, Social Development Officer, NULM
    • •   Smt. Mamta Sharma, Principal, Asha School Chandimandir Cantt
    • •   Smt. Mamta Sharma, Principal, Asha School Chandimandir Cantt
    • CR Mittal

    Ludhiana Advisory Board

    • •   Smt. Alice Guram, CEO, Media Pulse
    • •   Shri Ajeet Lakra, CMD, Super Fine Knitters
    • •   Shri Raju Bansal, Director, Bansal Knitwears
    • •   Smt. Archana Khurana, Founder, Human Rhythms

    Jaipur, Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Vikram Joshi, CEO, Rangotri
    • •   Shri N K Chaudhary, Chairman, Jaipur Rugs
    • •   Smt. Alka Batra, Past Chairman, FICCI FLO
    • •   Smt. Malti Jain, Consultant, World Bank
    • •   Prof. Upender Pandel, Senior Professor, MNIT Jaipur
    • •   Shri Akhilesh Jain, CMD, REIL
    • •   Smt Ranoo Srivastava, Jewellery Designer
    • •   Shri SPS Rathore, Former DD Employment, Government of Rajasthan
    • •   Shri. Akash Deep Arora, RAS in Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan
    • •   Shri Amitabh Kaushik, Adviser, Additional Director Special Abled Department
    • •   Dr. Sarika Aggarwal, Social Worker

    Lucknow Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Zafar Zaidi, Ex Deputy Director, VRC, Ministry of Labour & Employment
    • •   Shri Umair Usmani, Vice President- HR, Startek
    • •   Shri P K Pundir, Director Employment, Government of Uttar-Pradesh
    • •   Shri Gaurav Chandra, Director, AITH Kanpur
    • •   Shri Alok Ranjan Jha, Joint Secretary, UP Govt
    • •   Shri Rohit Nandan, Vice Chairman, State Public Services Tribunal
    • •   Shri Akhilendra Kumar, Social worker

    Pune Advisory Board

    • •   Smt. Minetta Patil, National Secretary, NAAI
    • •   Shri Amulya Charan, Advisor, Energy Infrastructure, & Finance
    • •   Shri C P Kapur, Former Senior VP, Ms Anu Agha’s Company
    • •   Shri Feroze Bacha,Management Consultant
    • •   Major General Vijay P. Pawar AVSM,VSM,Trsutee, Queens Mary Teaching Institute
    • •   Dr. Rajendra Jagdale, Director General & CEO, Science & Technology Park
    • •   Shri Kalidas Supate, Kamayani School of Mentally Handicapped
    • •   Dr. Arvind Kulkarni,Chairman, Kamayani Society
    • •   Shri Nand Kumar Phule, Senior Social Worker
    • •   Shri Apnesh Singhal, Director-Credit Risk, Capital Risk and Market Risk Management, Credit Suisse

    Mumbai Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Anil Gidh, Former Global Head Talent Acquisition, & Resourcing, Capgemini
    • •   Shri Charudatta Jadhav, Head- Accessibility Center of Excellence, TCS
    • •   Shri Ritesh Sinha, Head Projects CSR, HDFC Bank
    • •   Shri Nitin Garg, Chief Manager, Union Bank of India
    • •   Smt. Neerja Saran, CEO, Spandan SPA
    • •   Smt. Neelam Lulla, Educationist, Education Audiology Research Centre
    • •   Shri Siddharth Kak, Director – Producer, Hunarbaaz
    • •   Smt. Shibani Sachdeva, India Country Manager, Simplon
    • •   Dr. Sundaram Nand Kumar, Independent Scientist and Consultant
    • •   Shri N V Chandramouli, Management Consultant
    • •   Smt Pallavi Kadam, Executive Director, NAB India
    • •   Sampada Shevde, Director, Perkins International India
    • •   Ms. Nitika Gambhir, Diet Consultant and Faculty, The Yoga Institute
    • •   Shri KK Verma

    Hyderabad Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Government of Telangana
    • •   Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Chairman, LV Prasad Eye Institute
    • •   Smt. Anju Khemani, Senior Disability Consultant
    • •   Smt. Sujashree Kurapati, CEO, Deque
    • •   Shri Akhilesh Sureen, Former Sr. Director, Human Resources, Sutherland
    • •   Shri PBV Subbaraju, President, Netra Vidyalaya
    • •   Shri. Ravi Kumar Peesapati, President, The Hyderabad Management Association
    • •   Shri. Pradeep Kumar, FOSI, FIETE Scientists, DRDO, Ministry of Defence

    Ambala Advisory Board

    • •   Shri Vipin Gupta, Advocate

    Kolkata Advisory Board

    • •   Smt Shikha Banerjee, HR & OD Consultant and Counsellor for Happiness and Well Being
    • •   Shri Pradeep Kakkar, Environment Activist
    • •   Mohammad Asif Iqbal, Principal Consultants, PWC
    • •   Smt Sreela Das Gupta, Specialist: Diversity and Inclusion, TCS
    • •   Smt Ruma Surana, Art and Craft Teacher
    • •   Prof. Pradyot Banerjee, Management Consultant
    • •   Shri Vishnu Sharma, Wing Commander, Indian Air Force
    • •   Anuradha Balachandran
    • •   Suparna Sen, Pen & Ink Art

    Bhopal Advisory Board Members

    • •   Smt Pooja, HR Head, Aegis
    • •   Smt Usha Upadhyay, Director, Digdarshika
    • •   KS Malvika, Employment Officer, Employment Exchange
    • •   Smt. Megha, HR Manager, Mahindra Finance
    • •   Rajbir Singh, Altelier argo apiculture pvt. ltd
    • •   Shri Shailendra Kumar

    Chennai Advisory Board Members

    • •   Smt Shaheena Nizar, Social Worker
    • •   Shri. P B Varadarajan, President, REHENA
    • •   Shri Sai Krishnan, Senior Executive, HCL
    • •   Gp Capt R Vijayakumar (Retd) VSM, Executive Director, Madras Management Association
    • •   Shri. Bijay Thakur, Director, The Leela Palace
    • •   Shri Vinod Benjanim, HR, TCS
    • •   Shri Ram Satyanarayan, Psychologist & HR, TCS
    • •   Smt Gayathri Mohan, Head CSR, Sopra Steria
    • •   Shri R. Hari, Former General Manager HR, Lemon Tree Hotels

    Thane Advisory Board Members

    • •   Dr. S N Kumar, Ex- IIT Delhi
    • •   Shri. N V Chandramouli, Management Consultant
    • •   Smt. Sampada Shedve, Director, Perkins International India
    • •   Dr. Pawan Agrawal, Founder & President, Kamalabai Educational and Charitable Trust
    • •   Shri. Uday Mehta, Owner, Sunrise Computers Systems
    • •   Col. DK Bishnoi, Advocate, Bombay High Court
    • •   Ms. Nikita Gambhir, Diet Consultant and Faculty, The Yoga Institute

    Vishakhapatnam Advisory Board Members

    • •   Prof SSV Prasad Rao, GITHAMS Hyderabad Business School
    • •   Prof Sambasiva Rao Nadendla, Viskhapatnam Management Association

    Bangalore Advisory Board Members

    • •   Shri Ravi K Garg, Director, Leitmotif Solutions Private Limited
    • •   Shri Niranjan Khatri, Former General Manager, ITC & Founder iSambhav
    • •   Shri Ram Satyanarayan, Psychologist & HR, TCS

    Trivandrum Advisory Board Members

    • •   Smt Shaheena Nizar, Social Worker
    • •   Baizy Thomas Zachariah, Consultant
    • •   Santhosh Jacob , Founder, Geometrics India
    • •   Akila Surendran, Senior Engineer (Assistive Technology), NISH

    Ahmedabad Advisory Board Members

    • •   Anil Shrivastava, Founder Director, System Dynamics (Software) India Pvt Ltd
    • •   Nandini Rawal, Executive Director, BPA

    Dr. Jitender Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO

    Dr. Suman Aggarwal

    Strategic Leader- India

    Nistha Tripathi

    Programme Leader- India

    Tarun Bansal

    Operations Leader- India

    Lakshay Singhal

    Finance Leader- India

    Rajat Mohan

    Abilympics Leader- India

    Pooja Thapliyal

    Early Intervention Lead

    Dr. Shruti Jain

    Consultant Career Counsellor


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