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    Special Needs Children ÔÇô Parenting Forum|Sarthak Educational Trust

    Parents' Interaction Forum  


    In lot many cases, Parents are clueless when they realize that their child is having some form of disability.

    First come the concern of accepting disability, as it is, rather than developing some biased and opinionated ideas.

    Next is looking for required support system to best cater to the needs of their differently able child.

    And, all this calls for someone, we could look towards for guidance and mentoring.

    Taking this particular need in concern, Sarthak has initiated a Parents' Interaction Forum, where all the parents can drop their queries by a simple click on 'Ask an Expert' and dropping their queries.

    Our team members will connect you to our support system, and they will address your doubts and concerns.

    Our support system includes, Professionals, Medical Practitioners, and Parents of children with Disability.

    We offer a confidential, professional service, in a warm, friendly atmosphere, where you will be listened to and given space to explore any issues relating to parenting of people with disabilities.

    For more Information Please write us at

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    Queries Raised

    Solution : Occupational or physiotherapy will help in muscle strengthening thus initiating standing or climbing.

    Solution : Consult psychologist for proper enforcment of behavior management techniques.

    Solution : Enroll him early intervention services.

    Solution : Therapies will help him learn to work with his residual capacity so that impact of dsability could minimize and child could lead independent and functional life at par with society.

    Solution : After CI you should take child for speech therapy where auditory training will be given to introduce child with sounds.

    Solution : Consult speech therapy where they will teach him to improve on articulator necessary for sentence formation.

    Solution : CP is a neurological condition where all domains of developemnt are arrestted and child learns things at slower pace than other kids. Early intervention services like OT, ST and spcl.ed benefits such children.

    Solution : Actually she lacks confidence that whether whatsoever she will attempt will be right or wrong thus gets anxious and nervous to attempt exam though she prepare well for exam. Take her for few counseling sessions where counsellor will help her learning dealing anxiety, fear or nervouness so that she learn to cope with situation.

    Solution : Proper assessment would be better option to go ahead with planning of intervention. Occupational therapy will definitely help him and proper behavior management startegies would also benefit.

    Solution : Mam actually your child seems to be impulsive due to which he is not able to wait in turn jump into the task and distrubs the setting. You need to take your child to some psychologist to understand conditions and management of child thoroughly. Additionally, be firm with him but not authority, dela patiently and calm. Good if he gets involved in physical activities/exercises to consume his energy. Consult professional for better help in managing child and share same at school.

    Solution : Down syndrome children are naughty. We need to teach them correct behavior so that they learn to behave good. Don't ignore his such behavior because soon it will be in habits good you teach him reward for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior. Keep your punishment techniques mild, deal assertively not strictly.

    Solution : Kavya has improved afer undergoing occupational therapy on regular basis. With time even there is marked improvement noticed in her speech. So far she is able to understand what is asked of her and respond well most of time. If we talk of cognition we still need to look how much she is affected with injury and how much she is able to learn. As she is very small working with her on regular basis will accelerate her development in all spheres of life so better to work with her.

    Solution : May be the aid she is using not correct one for her as her impairment severity is high. Cochlear impalnt can be done but after cochlear implant child has to undergo speech therapy on regular basis in order to improve auditory skills. Emcourage her for speech and not just fulflling her needs by using gestures or pointing. Be verbal as much as you can.

    Solution : Sir before going on to job first you need to look upon what is his condition (like how much he is affected) and how much functional he is. Further what all task he is able to do with ease then only we will be able to figure out what kind of employment should be suitable for him.

    Solution : Mam without knowing her prior medical history nothing can be said regarding case. Also she is grown up adult so therapy won't even benefit her much but good first you should consult doctor for treatment.

    Solution : Sending him to school is good thought before sending him there just have word with school committee regarding child condition and associated issues with the condition. Also look for an integrated set up where school has resource room teacher in order to manage child classroom behavior.

    Solution : Because she has issue of fits which directly affect her brain because of that she is slow down in her response. Also because of fits her brain process information in much slower pace than actual so most of the things we need to initiate for her rather she does. Regular therapies will benifit her and help stimulating brain so that she learn to respond also speed up her developmental process.

    Solution : Take him for comprehensive assessment once assessment is done psychologist will be better able to tell you about child's condition. He has learning disability which is neurological based processing problems. Child may face difficulty in reading, writing, also interefernce in higher order skills such as attention,organiztion, planning, execution, reasoning, short and long term memory. There often appears to be a gap between the individualÔÇÖs potential and actual achievement. Don't give long task assigned, break down concepts into smaller parts, let child understand and explain in his/her own language, constant revision will help.

    Solution : Children with down syndrome can be integrated into mainstream but depending on their intellectual functioning level. How early the child got diagnosis and how early he started with therapeutic intervention. Children with down syndrome are good at imitating others so they learn many things while watching others. However some accomodation is required in teaching pattern/ environment for them to learn in better ways, acceptance and positive attitude of teaches. Some schools may not be able to understand thus children with down syndrome face difficulties and they may dropout from schools.

    Solution : Developemntal delay can be minor or major in the process of development. It can occur in any of areas: social, language, fine or gross motor etc. If child is provided with proper intervention from the beginning it may reduce it impact or child may overcome with the issue totally, that also depend on child's condition too. It is possible developmental delayed children may dignosed as having mental retardation as they grow up.

    Solution : The foremost thing is to understand child and his condition. Understanding what are the ways they learn and think, accepting the child and then approach child for intervention in order to bring change in behavior. We need to understand child's need and his strentgh. 1. Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren Method (TEACCH) emphasizes on using skills that children already possess to enable them to become independent. 2. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) emphasizes on one-to-one sessions in discrete trial training (DTT) to develop cognitive, social, behavioral, fine motor, play, social and self-help skills. The technique involves structured presentation of tasks from most simple to more complex, breaking them down into small sub-skills, and then teaching each sub-skill, intensely, one at a time. 3. Verbal Behavior Analysis (VBA) is an addition to ABA and is also based on breaking down and teaching language in functional units unlike the teaching of language based on grammar. 4. Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) is built on the fact that non-verbal children with autism may attempt to spontaneously use objects to communicate. People with autism tend to be visual learners, and a visual means of communication can help them to understand and use the process of communication.

    Solution :  Cp children are often affected with varying degree of physical disability, including lack of muscle tone afttecting head position and oral dysfuction. Which may impair swallowing in such children. Moreover such may have problems in sucking, chewing and biting etc because of poor oro- motor mucles. Exercise are attempt to reduce drooling and normalize muscle tone thus promoting jaw stability, lip closure, increasing oral sensation and swallowing. Exercise like facial massage, blowing off candles, use of tongue depressor and vibrator brush, blowing balloons, cotton balls, bubbles. Applying honey around mouth to increase sensation.

    Solution :  Children with down syndrome often lack clarity in speech because of poor oro-facial muscles. But children with downs are able to communicate their need to others using monosyllable or small phrases.

    Solution :  Learning disability is a condition which persist throughout child's life. Nonetheless,if provided ample supprot and right resources the child will learn methods of learning which suits him. Also early therapeutic intervention programmes child learn to adjust, teach approaches to handle task or experience it, be at ease in situations. every child is unique and different so we need to look for child's strength and work upon it.

    Solution :  Actually CP is a neurological condition which affects child's brain so because of that child lacks his/her milestones. There are cases where such children are able to perform their routine activities with the help of aids or being partially dependent but that totally depends on how much child is affected with CP (severity). Regular therapies help them in reaching there maximal functional capacity.

    Solution :  SPD is a disruption in complex neurological process in receiving, understanding and responding to sensory information. Difficulty with processing information from any one or more of these sensory systems can result in poor functional performance and difficulty completing daily activities:Overly sensitive or under responsive to touch, movement, sights or sounds Unusually high or low activity level Unusual clumsiness or apparent carelessness Poor fine motor and perceptual skills Delays in motor skill development Difficulty learning new motor tasks Low muscle tone or strength Difficulty with transitions or changes in routines Increased distractibility or limited attention Poor ability to regulate behavior or calm self down Impulsivity or lack of self control Poor self concept or body awareness Social and/or emotional problems

    Solution :  Children with ADHD has behavior issues due to which they are always blamed for not maintaing discipline. But teacher need to understand child condition and create atmosphere such which help him in calming down himself. Because such children are so impulsive that they cannot resist themselves from doing act actually they get urge to do the act. As it a neurological condition thus child is not doing such behavior by himself. If child behvaior is really making hassles better consult psychiatrist and get medication prescribed. While on medictaion child may has loss of appitite, dizziness, fatigued, loss of interest in activities are common but if it persist for longer duration consult doctor again. School thing is you have look for how much your child is able to understand concepts and learn things.

    Solution :  The essence of marriage is companionship. It is a union between two consenting adults and it involves adjustment and carrying on day-to-day responsibilities of life. It also involves the ability to the plan for the future etc. Before deciding upon marriage, there are some factors that may need to be considered by the person with autism and his/her family:The level of functioning of the person, his/her ability to take on the responsibilities that are integral to marriage That the partner understands the needs of, and that he or she knows everything about the autistic spouse (if one of them is not autistic).Financial status (employment, family support etc.). However, since marriage is an issue of social commitment and companionship, by the very nature of the condition, many able people with autism choose not to marry and their families respect and agree with that decision.

    Solution : Neurological conditions are treatable but not fully cured. Because in such conditions brain is affected and timely & appropriate intervention will help their brain stimulate hence learning/acquisition of new skills.

    Solution : No, many people think that on allowing normal children to mix, eat or play with mentally retarded children, the normal children also develop mental retardation. This is wrong. Interaction between mentally retarded children and normal children on the other hand, helps in the improvement of mentally retarded children. Also normal children will understand the problems of the retarded children and will accept them.

    Solution : Child with cerebral palsy can recover depending upon degree of condition child has affected. Additionally any medical conditions like seizures/epilepsy child is suffering from. Occupational therapy is beneficial in regard of improving child's fine and gross motor skills. Also speech therapy is beneficial to improve child oro-motor functions. check for cognition part too because that will help in planning curriculum for child to be teach.

    Solution : Child with cerebral palsy can recover depending upon degree of condition child has affected. Additionally any medical conditions like seizures/epilepsy child is suffering from. Occupational therapy is beneficial in regard of improving child's fine and gross motor skills. Also speech therapy is beneficial to improve child oro-motor functions. check for cognition part too because that will help in planning curriculum for child to be teach.

    Solution : Good if you consult with pediatric to rule out the issues. May be she has some medical condition due to which she cries oftenly late night. Also not having proper eye contact and repetitive language could be alarming signs of some neurological condition.

    Solution : Speech therapy will help him get communication skills both expressive as well as receptive. Keep on communicating with him in as much as verbal mode don't find any subustitute to it. It depends what is his grasping power and how much language he is able to use verbally. He can be at par on communictaication with other to a large extent.

    Solution : As children with ADHD has number of behavioral issues because of that they have such disruptive behavior issues. You need to understand that child is not behaving purposely but as itÔÇÖs a neurological condition so he does not have control over his actions. Understand your child emotions and deal with it. Set short term goals which are achivable, have realistic expectations from child, proper use reward and reinforcement to teach desirable behavior, use appropriate discipline strategies. Be calm and patient enough. Be assertive not authority.

    Solution : Inclusive education means different and diverse students learning side by side in the same classroom. They participate in student government together. And they attend the same sports meets and plays. Inclusive education values diversity and the unique contributions each student brings to the classroom.

    Solution : As your son has ASD, kids having ASD differ in their communication manner. Many are good at expressions and others are good at reception. You have to be meaningful while speaking don't look for a substitute. Encourage him to speak or point out to indicate his needs and reward should be given immediately. Don't fulfill his need without his demands as it may delay his speech further. You can teach him basic communication through use of flash cards also.

    Solution : As your son is having ADHD, attention is the main issue he lacks. Through remedial classes concepts can be made easier and interesting for him, appropriate teaching learning aids like flash cards. number boards, practical examples should be given. Before considering any educational plan for him one should know his current intellectual functioning (IQ), so it will be easy for professional to plan and work further.

    Solution : Skills can be imparted to any persons with disability. We at BPA (Blind PeopleÔÇÖs Association and several organisations all over India run community based programmes for the rehabilitation of rural disabled persons. In these programmes, training is given at the homes of the persons keeping in mind his family background, nature of disability, age of acquiring disability and most importantly his own dreams for himself. The education level in such cases is not important. You may check out CBR programmes in the various States of India. BPA offers training in CBR and livelihood.

    Solution : VI candidates are employed in IT/ITeS , data entry, Medical transcription and in back end profile.

    Solution : As per the Govt Norms, Any individual is eligible to work after 18 years only. Apart from this, this age boundation is also set due to the requirements of our hiring Partners . They prefer candidates with minimum 18 years and maximum 30 years.But, In some cases we consider candidates with 35 years of age also.

    Solution : No,Sarthak doesn't provide any transport facility.

    Solution : Parents are the important stakeholders of skill building program. Sarthak acts as a mediator between Corporates and the candidate. So, it is very important for Parents to play an active role in this chain ,as collaborative efforts will help to bring out best in the candidate and resolve the issues hindering the path of success .

    Solution : Three months training includes skill building elements which helps the candidate to work professionally. Apart form course elements,it includes exposure visits, motivational sessions, glimpses into the corporate world, Counseling sessions, mock interviews and guest lectures from corporate etc.

    Solution : After successfully completing skill building training, if candidate has acquired skill set of entrepreneur.Then Sarthak helps the candidate in connecting with relevant loan agency and helps the candidate in sustaining the business till end.

    Solution : Life Skill Subject inculcates different elements like problem solving, time management, decision making, presentation and communication skills, creative thinking etc. All these components plays a vital role in enhancing the personality of the candidate which further helps in professional growth as well as the better placement of candidates. That is why life skill is an essential part of our employbility training.

    Solution : Sarthak Educational Trust is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) working for empowering people with disabilities since 2008. Sarthak works in 4 domains i.e. Skill building, Employment, Early Intervention, and Inclusive Education. But, sarthak is mainly into the skill building, it provides 3 month basic and sector sepcific training and after that placed into the IT/ITES, Retail and hospitality sector. We have 12 skill building centres where 3 types of person with disability are trained.

    Solution : No, Registration is mandatory to enrol in Sarthak Skill Building training.

    Solution : As, Sarthak provides jobs in the verticals of CRM, Hospitality and IT/ITeS. So, In all these domains corporates doesn't demand special skills in Mathematics. Though we have some analytical and qualitative aptitude chapters in CRM and Soft skill training.

    Solution : No, Sarthak doesn't provide any transportation facility in any of the Sarthak center.

    Solution : Sarthak provides Certificate after the successful completion of 3 months Skill Building training and clearing eligibility criteria of 70% attendance.

    Solution: Sarthak provides Skill Building Training in sectors of CRM, IT/ITeS, and Hospitality as a Data Entry Operator, Customer Care Executive, Store Operator, Customer Sales Executive, F&B Steward and Housekeeping.

    Solution : Salary depends on the skills acquired by the candidate during Training. Salary varies from 7,000 to 10,000 INR.

    Solution : After successfully completing the 3 months skill building training, Sarthak provides 100% placements to the students depending on qualification and skills acquired during training.

    Solution : Sarthak provides both Full Time and Part Time jobs. It depends on the availability, qualification and skills acquired during training.

    Solution : VI candidates are employed in IT/ITeS sector as Customer Care Executive and as a Data Entry Operator.

    Solution : Presently, there is no job for VI candidates but you can share you CV at . We will definitely get in touch with you whenever the vacancy is created.

    Solution: Presently, Sarthak is working across 13 Centers in India (Chandigarh, Ludhaina, Ambala, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkatta, Bhopal, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur and Lucknow).Sarthak always try to place candidates in nearby locations.You can also visit our center in Mumbai for more details.

    Solution : No, Sarthak doesn't provide Government jobs.

    Solution: Sarthak provides 3 months employability training for Basic English, Computers and soft skills and after the completion of basic training-sector specific training in the field of IT/ITeS, CRM and hospitality is provided.

    Solution : Sarthak Educational Trust is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) working for empowering people with disabilities since 2008. We provide basic skill development Training to PwD candidates between the age of 18 to 30. Till date we have placed 8175 PwD Candidates and provided vocational Training to 5075 PwD Candidates. We are Presently working across 15 centers in India with tie up with more than 500 corporates. Sarthak also works in the field of Early Intervention and Inclusive Education.

    Solution: Depending on qualification and Skills Acquired during training, Sarthak provides Job opportunities in Verticals of IT/ITeS, CRM and Hospitality Sector. We have tie up with more than 500 corporates which include Lemon tree, Le meridian, Flipkart, Amazon, Being Human, Yum, caf├ę coffee Day etc.Till date, Sarthak has provided job opportunities to 8,150 candidates.

    Solution : Visually Imapired candidates are employed in IT/ITeS sector as Customer Care Executive and as a Data Entry Operator.

    Solution : Wheel Chair Users can work in IT/ITeS, Hospitality and Retail sector as a Data Entry Operator, Back end operations, Receptionist and Customer Care Executive.

    Solution : Sarthak provides Speech therapy classes at Early Intervention Center located at Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

    Solution : Presently, there is only one center in West Bengal i.e Kolkatta.You are welcome to visit our Kolkatta Center and we will definitely consider your request and will explore possibilities.

    Solution : After successfully completing the 3 months training, Sarthak provides 100% placements to the students depending on qualifiation and skills aquired .We also provide placements to our walk-in candidates.

    Solution : Sarthak provides Free of Cost skill building Training to People with Disabilities.

    Solution : Yes,it is compulsory to attend three months skill development training.

    Solution : Apart from skill building training in English,computers and Life skills and further sector specific training in CRM,IT/ITeS and Hospitality.Candidates get an opportunity to Motivational Sessions,Guest lectures,Exposure Visits,Glimpses of Corporate world and counseling sessions.

    Solution : Thank you for showing your interest.We welcome you to our center for enrolling in Sarthak Skill building Training.

    Solution : Sarthak provides Skill Building Training, sector specific training (CRM,Hospitality and IT/ITeS )and on the job training.Apart from this, Motivational Sessions, Guest Lectures, Counseling Sessions,Parents Interaction Meet and Exposure visits are also the part of Training.

    Solution : No,we don't provide transport facilities but we provide FREE OF COST training to People with Disabilities.

    Solution : VI candidates are employed in IT/ITeS sector as Customer Care Executive and as a Data Entry Operator.

    Solution: Yes, Sarthak Provides Skill Building Certificate to all the candidates who successfully clears the three months skill building training and satisfies the eligibility criteria of 70% attendance.

    Solution : Apart from Sarthak Exposure Visits,Group Discussions and Debate sessions can be the part of Allied Activities for VI Candidates.

    Solution : Hearing Impaired Candidates can work in Retail Sector as Store Operator (Back End),In Hospitality Sector as a F&B Steward and Housekeeping and in IT/ITeS Sector as Data Entry Operator.

    Solution : Floor Walker candidates can work in IT/ITeS and Hospitality sector as a Data Entry Operator,Receptionist and Customer Calling Executive (Domestic Calling).

    Solution: Sarthak provides 3 months skill building training for Basic English, Computers and soft skills and After the completion of basic training, sector specific training in the field of IT, CRM and Hospitality is provided.

    Solution :

    • Upper limb amputation: ┬áIf the entire arm is not there, this person will face a problem in wearing clothes which have buttons at the back.┬á They also have a problem in wearing trousers or jeans with buttons.┬á Zip is not as much of a problem but even then it is a problem.┬á Such women prefer salwar with elastic.
    • ┬á
    • Lower Limb amputation: These people wear clothing that can be worn on top of artificial limbs. They prefer velcro or button through clothes.┬á

    Solution : Sarthak have tie ups with more than 500 Corporates.Sarthak Hiring Partners are Make My Trip, HCL, Lemon Tree, Aegis, Flipkart, Le Meridian, Big Bazaar, Vishal Mega Mart, Yum Academy, Reliance Retail, Being Human, Genpact, Inofsys, Westside, Coffee Caf├ę Day, Amazon, TCS, Axis etc.

    Solution : Sarthak provides basic training for English, Computers and soft skills and after the completion of basic training sector, specific training in the field of IT, retail and hospitality is provided.

    Solution : Placement assistance is provided to the beneficiaries after skill training. Also trainees got the exposure of different sector through On job training & skill building. Overall objective of Sarthak is to provide persons with disability inclusion in the society.


    "I was guided by another parent and felt a great relief to witness the slow but steady progress."


    "It is really an achievement to let my child attend regular schools post intervention support."


    " I would love to volunteer and guide other parentsÔÇÖ facing the struggles, I faced, unguided."

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