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    Vision in the Dark | Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC) | Sarthak Educational Trust

    Vision in the dark

    Welcome to Vision in the Dark, a groundbreaking program located in Basement 2 of the Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC). This innovative experience is designed to offer an immersive and educational journey, shedding light on the challenges faced by the visually impaired. Our unique 30-minute session transcends traditional modes of understanding, fostering empathy and awareness in a profound and engaging way.

    About Vision in the Dark

    Vision in the Dark is meticulously curated to provide participants with a firsthand encounter of the world as perceived by the visually impaired. Guided exclusively by visually impaired individuals, participants embark on a transformative exploration, navigating various simulated scenarios that mirror real-life challenges. This program challenges preconceived notions and dismantles societal biases, promoting a deeper understanding and respect for the visually impaired community.

    Key Experiences

    1.    Touchable Statues: Participants interact with statues representing iconic monuments, allowing them to 'see' through touch and enhancing their sensory perception. 
    2.    Engaging Activities: Experience using mudras, play cricket with a unique twist, and traverse a roping bridge, all designed to simulate the day-to-day experiences of visually impaired individuals.
    3.    Simulated Environments: Enjoy refreshment in a simulated restaurant, navigate an auto-rickshaw, and experience an audio-visual room with scripted movies, providing a comprehensive understanding of the adaptations and skills of the visually impaired.

    Each session of Vision in the Dark accommodates up to six participants, ensuring an intimate and impactful encounter. These experiences extend beyond entertainment, aiming to instill a deep sense of sensitization and understanding about the capabilities and challenges faced by the visually impaired community.

    Why Participate in Vision in the Dark?

    Vision in the Dark is more than just an experience; it is a journey towards empathy and inclusivity. As participants step into a world temporarily devoid of sight, they gain a newfound appreciation for resilience, adaptability, and the strength inherent in individuals with visual impairments. This program is integral to SGRC's broader mission of promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers that hinder the full participation of PwDs in society.

    Visitor Testimonials

    Read what our visitors have to say about their transformative experiences with Vision in the Dark. Our testimonials page features stories and feedback from participants who have walked through our immersive journey, highlighting the impact and significance of our program.

    "An eye-opening experience that truly changed my perspective. Vision in the Dark is a must-visit for anyone looking to understand the challenges and strengths of the visually impaired."

    Anand Dwivedi
    CSR Manager
    (Fidelity International)

    Guided by individuals who live this reality every day, Vision in the Dark provides an unparalleled level of authenticity and empathy. Highly recommended."

    disability inclusion leader

    An enlightening encounter that profoundly shifted my viewpoint, "Vision in the Dark" is an essential destination for those seeking to comprehend the obstacles and resilience of individuals with visual impairments.

    Divya Gupta
    PAN India POC, Area Director
    (Taj Hotels)

    Recent Updates

    Stay tuned for the latest updates on our programs and initiatives. We regularly host events and workshops to further our mission of inclusivity and empowerment.

    1.    May 2024: 9 corporate houses and school like Taj Hotels, Amazon, Fidelity International, Kunskapsskolan International, Kotak Mahindra Bank, National Stock Exchange, Torque, Concentrix and IDFC FIRST Bank visited the Vision in the Dark and shared their life time experience with us. 

    2.    April 2024: 7 corporate houses and school like IndiGo, IHG Group, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, Reliance Retails, Big Basket, JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity and Kunskapsskolan International visited the Vision in the Dark. This activity underscored the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.

    3.    March 2024: 7 corporate houses and school like DAV School, Fidelity International, Cogent E Services, IDFC FIRST Bank, IndusInd Bank, The Quint and Publicis Sapient visited the Vision in the Dark and shared that this eye-opening journey not only heightened their empathy but also reinforced the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of life.

    Plan Your Visit

    We invite you to join us at the Sarthak Global Resource Centre and experience Vision in the Dark. Whether you are an individual seeking personal growth or a corporate group looking to foster team empathy and understanding, Vision in the Dark offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow.

    1.    Location: Basement 2, Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC) 
    2.    Session Duration: 30 minutes
    3.    Group Size: Up to 6 participants per session

    For more information and to book your session, please visit our Contact Page or call us at 0124 444 7700

    Together, we can break barriers and build a more inclusive society where everyone, regardless of abilities, is recognized and valued. Join us in this transformative experience and be part of the change.

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