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    Sarthak Sustainable Employment Program

    When it comes to inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, Indian businesses have a long road to travel. Only 34 lakhs of the about 1.34 crore people with disabilities (PwDs) in the employable age have a job in India, according to, a recruitment platform that cited government data for the numbers. That is an unemployment rate of more than 70%. Which is why Sarthak envisions to employ more and more trained persons with disabilities in various professional paradigms.

    Sustainable Employment Plan by Sarthak

    • •   The dedicated Employment Support Team of Sarthak, with the support of our existing 1000+ hiring partners organizes Job Fairs, schedule candidate’s interviews and arrange in house interview drives to place the PwD candidates.
    • •   Through networking & liaising, and other advocacy events like Sensitization Workshops, Regional Summits etc. new corporate partners are persuaded and sensitized towards diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
    • •   Post Placement follow up is done by team Sarthak to ensure that the placement is sustainable.

    Sarthak sustainable employment program focuses on providing equitable inclusive employment for youth with disabilities.

    Sarthak follows 8 strategies to ensure placement of a person with disability:

    • 1.   Job Mapping- It is the process to explore suitable job roles for persons with disability across sectors along with reasonable accommodation to effectively meet the job requirements and expected level of performance.
    • 2.   Candidate Mapping- It is a process of aligning the right candidate to the right profile. i.e matching skill set as per requirement.
    • 3.   Recruitment- Ensuring accessible ecosystem while conducting interviews during one-to-one placement drive or job fairs. (Sign language interpreters, accessible technology in case of written test etc)
    • 4.   Disability Sensitisation Workshop- It aims at creating awareness and sensitized approach among different levels of workforce in an organization to work towards creating an ecosphere to have an inclusive workplace by recognizing ‘ability in disability'.
    • 5.   Post Placement Follow up- It is a process of hand holding employer as well as candidates for at least 6 months.
    • 6.   Campus connect– Connecting with PwDs, present in different institutional paradigms.
    • 7.   Job fairs- The presence of different companies on the same platform, where it provides the PwDs the opportunity to apply in different companies.
    • 8.   Walk in Interviews- In the endeavour to empower PwDs, Sarthak also helps the non- enrolled PwDs to get in touch with the companies where they can directly give interviews.

    Additional Services

    • •   Accessibility Support (Basic/ Advanced)- It refers to Physical accessibility and involves Accessibility Audit of work-sites and sharing comprehensive report of required alterations to achieve Basic or Advanced level of accessibility, as per organization discretion.
    • •   Secondary Training of PwD Workforce (For Career Advancement)- It refers to continuous workplace training and lifelong learning enabling workers and enterprises to adjust to an increasingly rapid pace of change. It also includes anticipating and building competencies for future needs to equip PwD workforce with required skill set for career development and growth.
    • •   Rehabilitation of Disabled Workforce- Every worker has a probability to acquire a disability or illness that hinders their ability to work. Thus, return to work or rehabilitation of disabled workforce is of immense significance as it assists employees to work while still recuperating and earning livelihood as well as contributing to organization’s performance.

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