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    Centre of Excellence for Employment | Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC) | Sarthak Educational Trust

    Centre of Excellence for Employment: Advancing Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

    Welcome to the Centre of Excellence for Employment at the Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC). Situated on the Ground floor of SGRC, our Center of Excellence for Employment is at the forefront of creating diverse, supportive, and inclusive workplace environments.

    Vision and Mission

    Our vision is to transform the employment landscape for PwDs, ensuring equal opportunities and fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to employers and employees alike, promoting understanding, accessibility, and professional growth for PwDs.

    Corporate Design for Inclusivity: A Holistic Approach to Workplace Equality

    The Centre of Excellence for Employment offers a range of services aimed at fostering an inclusive workplace. These services are designed to help businesses integrate and support PwDs effectively, ensuring that all employees can thrive in an accommodating and equitable environment. Our initiatives focus on:

    1.    Accessibility: Ensuring that workplace environments and job roles are accessible to all employees, leveraging advanced supportive technologies. 
    2.    Diverse Talent Acquisition: Assisting businesses in recruiting PwDs through inclusive job postings, accessible recruitment drives, and collaborative partnerships.
    3.    Skill Development: Providing tailored training programs to enhance the professional skills of PwDs, facilitating their career advancement and personal growth.
    4.    Empathy and Awareness Training: Educating the workforce about disability inclusion, breaking down stereotypes, and promoting a culture of empathy and mutual respect.
    5.   Policy Development: Helping organizations develop and implement inclusive policies that align with best practices and legal requirements.
    6.   Communication Support: Offering sign language training and other communication aids to ensure effective interaction between all employees.

    Recent Updates and Events

    Stay updated with the latest news and events at the Centre of Excellence for Employment. From new initiatives and workshops to success stories and community outreach efforts, there's always something happening at SGRC. Check back regularly for updates and announcements as we continue to advance disability inclusion in the workplace.

    1.    May : Corporate entities including Taj Hotels, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Torque, Concentrix, and IDFC FIRST Bank visited the employment wing and participated in discussions about hiring and sensitization workshops. They discussed the significance of sensitization in the workplace. Examine the many concepts for inviting PwDs. 

    2.    April :During their visit to the employment wing, corporate entities and educational institutions such as IndiGo, IHG Group, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, Reliance Retails, Big Basket, and JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity discussed hiring practices and how to create an inclusive workplace.

    3.    March : The employment wing was visited by corporate entities and educational institutions such as DAV School, Fidelity International, Cogent E Services, IDFC FIRST Bank, IndusInd Bank, The Quint, and Publicis Sapient. Corporate spoke primarily about creating an accessible workplace.

    Get Involved

    Join us in our mission to promote understanding, appreciation, and inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in the workplace. Whether you're interested in volunteering, hosting an event, or supporting our programs, there are many ways to get involved with the Centre of Excellence for Employment and SGRC. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

    Visit Us

    Plan your visit to the Centre of Excellence for Employment and discover the transformative impact of our initiatives firsthand. Located on the Ground floor of the Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC), our center is open to visitors from all sectors and industries.
    Join us on a journey towards a more inclusive and accessible workforce as we work together to create equal opportunities for all. We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre of Excellence for Employment soon!

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