Sarthak Disability Global Resource center

Sarthak Disability Global Resource center - Introduction

In India, the population with disabilities is around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India's total population (Census 2011). However, World Bank data proposes the number between 40 to 80 million. But despite the discrepancy between the numbers it is very clear that PwDs constitute a significant part of Indian Population. Further, disability results from the interaction between persons with impairments and attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinders their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others (United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

Thus, on the one hand we have increasing number of PwDs and on the other paucity of resources to ensure their inclusion. And, in such a scenario a solution is required to cater both the needs of providing requisite intervention and support system to PwDs and to equip change makers and accommodate environment and social system as more accessible and inclusive.

Sarthak Disability Global Resource Centre, as the name suggests is an effort to meet the above quoted aspirations of disability sector, through ensuring quality and standard services to Persons with Disability (PwDs) across civil societies, complete and comprehensive understanding of disability by all stakeholders, and guided orientation of new entrants in the sector.

Thus, the project aims to serve the needs of all the groups such as-

  • •   Early Intervention, Inclusive Education, Vocational Skill Building and Placement services in a singular setting to PwDs.
  • •   Overall community and stakeholders to develop a clear and sensitized understanding of PwDs.
  • •   Capacity Building of Active participants in carving out a world of equal opportunity and rights either change makers or PwDs themselves.
  • •   Exploring International collaborations to promote Research & Development, Employee & Technology Exchange, and Advocacy across borders.


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