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    Disability Information Portal

    Government Provisions to support Employment of PwDs

    The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995, Chapter 6 deals with employment & Inclsive workplace support for PwDs  

    • 1. The governments shall identify posts, in the establishments, which can be reserved for PwDs
    • 2. The govt will review the list of posts identified and up-date the list at periodical intervals not exceeding three years.
    • 3. 3% of vacancies in government employment shall be reserved for people with disabilities, 1% each for the persons suffering from-
      • (a) Blindness or Low Vision
      • (b) Hearing Impairment
      • (c) Locomotor Disabilities & Cerebral Palsy
    • 4. The Governments and local authorities shall formulate schemes for ensuring employment of PwDs and such schemes may provide for-
      • (a) The training and welfare of persons with disabilities.
      • (b) The relaxation of upper age limit.
      • (c) Regulating the employment.
      • (d) Health and safety measures and creation of a non-handicapping environment in places where persons with disabilities are employed.
      • (e) The manner in which and the person by whom the cost of operating the schemes is to be defrayed.
      • (f) Constituting the authority responsible for the administration of the scheme.
    • 5. The governments and the local authorities shall provide incentives to employers both in public and private sectors to ensure that at least 5% of their work force is composed of PwDs.
    • 6. Provisions for vacancies not filled to be carried forward.
    • 7. Maintainance of records by the employers in respect to filling of identifiedd posts.
    • 8. Incentive to employers both in private and public sectors to ensure that at least 5% workforce is composed of such persons.
    • 9. The Government of India has announced certain other concessions in giving jobs to persons with disabilities.
    • 10. Disabled persons who are otherwise qualified to hold clerical posts and who are certified as being unable to type by the Medical Board or a Civil Surgeon where there is no such board, have been exempted from typing qualification.
    • 11. Disabled persons have been granted relaxation in upper age limit up to 10 years for appointment to the clerical and subordinate cadre posts.
    • 12. All persons with disabilities can be given posting near their places of residence, subject to administrative constraints,. The ban on recruitment has been relaxed in favour of identified posts to be filled by the disabled people.
    • 13. Disabled persons are exempted from payment of application and examination fee prescribed for the recruitment of clerical posts and other cadres in Public Sector Banks and Financial Institutions, though this is not followed by plethora of organizations.
    • 14. Persons with disabilities are not to be denied promotions on medical grounds, if they are otherwise fit for promotion and can discharge the duties satisfactorily.

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