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    Centre for Excellence for Skilling and Education | Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC) | Sarthak Educational Trust

    Centre for Excellence(CoE) for Skills - Vocational Skill Building Program

    Welcome to the CoE for Skills, a transformative space within the Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC) dedicated to empowering Youths with Disabilities (PwDs) through vocational skill building. The CoE for Skills is a key initiative designed to provide holistic support and create pathways for PwDs to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive world.

    Vision and Mission

    The vision of the CoE for Skills is to empower Youths with Disabilities by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for personal and professional success. Our mission is to bridge the skills gap, promote economic independence, and foster an inclusive society where individuals with disabilities can achieve their full potential. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practical training, we aim to transform lives and communities, promoting empathy, awareness, and inclusivity.

    Program Overview

    The Vocational Skill Building Program is a comprehensive initiative focused on equipping Youths with Disabilities with essential skills for the modern job market. The program features a tailored curriculum that aligns with industry demands, ensuring that participants gain relevant and valuable expertise.

    Key Highlights:

    1.    Tailored Curriculum: Courses designed to meet current industry standards and job market needs. 
    2.    Expert Instructors: Training delivered by professionals with real-world experience.
    3.    Practical Application: Emphasis on hands-on learning to ensure a deeper understanding of concepts.
    4.    Industry-Relevant Modules: Topics that address the latest trends and demands in various sectors.
    5.   Holistic Approach: Incorporation of soft skills and communication training to support overall development.

    Flexible Learning Paths

    To accommodate the diverse needs of our participants, the program offers various learning paths:

    1.    In-Person Classes: Traditional classroom settings for direct interaction and engagement. 
    2.    Online Modules:Flexible online courses that participants can complete at their own pace.
    3.    Hybrid Approach: A combination of in-person and online learning for a balanced experience.

    Career Support and Development

    Beyond skill acquisition, the CoE for Skills provides extensive support to ensure participants' success in the job market:

    1.    Career Guidance Sessions: Expert advice on career planning and development. 
    2.    Resume Building Workshops: Assistance with creating impactful resumes and cover letters.
    3.    Networking Opportunities: Platforms to connect with industry professionals and potential employers.

    Impact and Significance

    The Vocational Skill Building Program is not just about education; it's about transformation. By empowering Youths with Disabilities, the program addresses unemployment, promotes economic growth, and fosters inclusive communities. The impact of the program is far-reaching:

    1.    Individual Transformation: Improved living standards and economic independence for participants. 
    2.    Economic Growth: A skilled workforce that meets market demands and drives economic progress.
    3.    Inclusive Communities: Reduction in income inequality and celebration of diverse talents.
    4.    Social Enrichment: Enhanced cultural understanding and appreciation of the abilities of PwDs.

    Recent Updates and Events

    Stay informed about the latest developments at the CoE for Skills. From new courses and workshops to community initiatives and success stories, there's always something happening at SGRC. Check back regularly for updates and announcements as we continue to make strides towards a more inclusive and empowered future.

    1.    May 2024: Under the JEET Program, 14 beneficiaries received training and capacity building. Additionally, a few corporate houses, like Fidelity International and Amazon, participated in the volunteer program alongside them.

    2.    April 2024: Five online and one offline batches were operating from SGRC. The beneficiaries took part in discussions and guest lectures, among other activities. Additionally, the HR Assistant Director of JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity held a brief meeting during which he provided some information about the hospitality industry.

    3.    March 2024:Five of the twelve recipients who were a part of the offline batch were placed in various corporate entities. One of them opened a General store and started working for themselves.

    93 beneficiaries are the part of online batches.

    Get Involved

    Join us in our mission to promote understanding, appreciation, and inclusion for Persons with Disabilities. Whether you're interested in volunteering, partnering, or supporting our programs, there are many ways to get involved with the CoE for Skills and SGRC. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

    Visit Us

    Plan your visit to the CoE for Skills and witness the transformative power of vocational training firsthand. Located within the Sarthak Global Resource Centre (SGRC), our center is open to visitors of all ages and abilities.
    Join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment as we work together to create a more inclusive and accessible world for everyone.
    We look forward to welcoming you to the CoE for Skills soon!

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