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    mentor-guruMentor & Guru Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled


    Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled

    Padma Bhushan Dr. Mrityunjay Athreya is recognized as one of the founders and pioneers of the Indian Management Movement, including Education, Research and Consulting. He has made a sustained contribution, over nearly five decades, on return from the US, after obtaining his Doctorate in Business Administration at the Harvard University. He has been available nationally to Corporates; Central and State Governments; and NGO’s, as an independent resource person. Dr. Mrityunjay Athreya is recognized as one of the founders and pioneers of the Indian Management Movement, including Education, Research and Consulting. The Athreya Committee, 1991, set the agenda for the transformation of the Indian Telecom sector. He has spoken at many national and international conferences on issues of Management; Values; Governance etc. He has been honoured with several awards, including the Padma Bhushan, of the Government of India.

    Meet Mrityunjay Athreya, India’s pioneering management guru


    Divyangs –– From Despair to New Visions

    We recently celebrated the first decade of Sarthak. We can take legitimate pride in our collective achievements. While the Sarthak organization has made pioneering efforts, and deserves high appreciation, more of it is due to thousands of divyangs who have come forward; taken their Skill Training; competed in interviews; got jobs; performed well; and are now empowered and transformed. In my ten years of association with Sarthak, as Mentor, I have had the opportunity to interact with and observe several batches of divyangs, large and small. These have taken place at our National Conferences; World Disability Day; Job Fairs; our Centres; Regional Abilympics, etc. From all that data, one can see a remarkable journey of our divyangs. It is a journey from a mental state of nirasha, hopelessness, despair, to NayeSwapne, New Visions. It is a difficult and demanding path. In this short article, it will be useful to revisit that path.

    Most divyangs, before they have come into contact with Sarthak, are in a state of frustration, despair, hopelessness, and almost giving up their struggle for a life of autonomy, productivity and support to their families. It is not, at all, because they are tamasic, lazy. It is quite the opposite. They have gone through so much struggle with their body and mind; family; school; college; applications; interviews; etc., but still not got a job.

    The second step is when they come into contact with Sarthak. This is, alas, often an accidental contact. Some x or y informs them about Sarthak. Now, Sarthak is making planned efforts to reach more divyangs, through its mobilisers, job fairs, sites, etc.

    Not all divyangs take the third step of contacting Sarthak. A few do immediately. Many hesitate. They have doubts, anxieties, reservations, etc. Some call the Sarthak Help Desk. All their questions are answered; doubts cleared. Even after this a few stay away.

    In the fourth step of Sarthak skill training, some divyangs have self-doubts. Will I be able to learn this skill? Even if I do, after three months’ training, will I get a job? Or, will it be a waste of time and effort?

    Fifth, those who stick with the training, for a few days, begin to enjoy it, and grow in confidence. They are highly motivated and encouraged by Sarthak trainers and fellow-divyangs; and supported by their families.

    At the sixth and final step, they take one or more interviews, get a job, and are on the go.

    From the above model of the divyang’s journey to success, may I suggest an Action Plan to all our dear divyang alumni, now in jobs. First, look for other divyangs in your reach, who could benefit from Sarthak skill training and placement. Second, clear all their doubts through your actual, personal, success experience. Third, ensure that they register with Sarthak, and start training. Fourth, be available to them for any help, till they find a job and settle down. Fifth, if you have communication skill, join Sarthak as a part-time or full-time trainer, with even more empathy for divyangs. Sixth, if you have initiative and leadership aptitude, come toward and start a Sarthak Skill Centre, in a needy new location. Seventh, whatever happens in your work and/or personal life, never ever sink back into despair. Bounce back, with Sarthak and other alumni help.



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