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    • 11000 Candidates Trained
    • 14000 Candidates Employed
    • 825 Children in Early Intervention
    • 425 Children in Inclusive Education
    • 87 Advocacy

    Our Impact


    During the first three formative years of an individual’s life most of the cognitive, physical, communication...

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    In the current settings, Children with Disability are either not enrolled in regular schools or...

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    Skill Building

    To ensure financial independence among the youth with disability, Sarthak Educational Trust provides...

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    With the support of our 1050+ Equal Opportunity Employers Sarthak provided sustainable...

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    Dear Readers

    You all must have heard about Astavakra, equally known for reflection of intellect and wisdom- in the form of Astavakra Gita - and deformity of all 8 limbs (feet, knees, hand, chest, and head).

    This combination of extreme physical deformity and intellectual steadiness throws a very clear message that physical structure may cause challenges, may make you struggle for day to day tasks, but it has nothing to do with defining your potential. The only factor that defines one’s potential is his/her perception of self.

    If one thinks himself as capable, he is capable, because his conscious and unconscious minds are working towards making him capable and vice versa.

    And, this is what we at Sarthak Believe, Act, and Echo to ensure Empowerment of Divyangs... Read more

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