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    Program Overview | Sarthak Educational Trust

    Sarthak Program Overview

    In India, the population of persons with disability is around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India’s total population (Census 2011). However, World Bank data proposes the number between 40 to 80 million. But despite the discrepancy between the numbers, it is very clear that PwDs constitute a significant part of Indian Population. The statistics states that approximately 7.82 million people between the age groups of 20 to 39 years have some or other forms of disability owing to complications at birth, environmental issues or medical conditions.

    Further, according to a survey conducted by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled People (NCPED), the percentage of people with disability in multinational companies is as less as 0.05% of the total work force.

    Although, it is a mandate for the government organizations to have 3% of the total work force reserved for people with disability, the actual percentage that is occupied accounts to only 0.54%.

    Therefore, in order to have persons with disabilities brought to a healthy and equal work environment; training becomes the most important aspect of the Skill Building Program. The candidates well trained in specific trades will be able to work and perform well, thus, adding to the overall productivity of the organization as well as towards the composite GDP of the nation.

    Early Intervention

    Medical Rehabilitation of Children with special needs with the help of trained therapists. Sarthak has so far medically rehabilitated more than 2670 children with special needs.

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    Inclusive Education

    Building an inclusive ecosystem with mainstreaming children with special needs in regular schools. Sarthak has so far included more than 525 children in regular schools.

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    Sarthak JEET Program

    3 - month free of cost Vocational Skill training and Employment Program for persons with disability. Sarthak has so far trained more than 34,300 persons with disability.

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    Sustainable Employment

    Helping the persons with disability to build a sustainable livelihood through employment opportunities in various IT/ITes, hospitality and retail-based companies. Sarthak has so far employed more than 23,450 PwDs.

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    Raising voices for our beneficiaries. Sarthak has so far conducted more than 200 job fairs for maximum outreach.

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    Vocational skill competitions for persons with disability at National, Regional and International level. Sarthak has so far conducted 8 regional and 2 National Abilympic events.

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    IDEA (Indian Disability Empowerment Alliance) Capacity Building of the NGOs. Sarthak has so far conducted more than 200 workshops with other NGOs.

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