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    Sarthak Inclusive Education Program

    Sarthak Inclusive Education Program

    There are more than 200 million school aged children in India and out of these approximately 20 million require special education (NSSO 2002).

    While the national average of enrolment in school is over 90%, less than 5% of children with disability are enrolled in schools. About 40% of the schools are not able to complete the first 5 years of their basic education, while another 20% leave school prior to the completion of three years of free and compulsory education mandated by our Constitution. Thus, there is an urgent need to focus on the education of children with disabilities to supplement their different talents.

    With the intent to create a positive shift in the direction of education of children with disability in inclusive settings, Sarthak started its Inclusive Education endeavour by conducting primary screening and identification study in 10 Government Schools. Herein, the students were assessed on various parameters such as Health Status, Intelligence Quotient, Education level, with respect to their ages and 250 students with disability were identified in the process.

    The analysis proposed that owing to paucity of awareness and efforts to include children with disability in classes, extra-curricular activities, and related facilities, they are merely physically present. Assessment was followed by sensitization workshops with Parents, Teachers, and other relevant stakeholders, and the observations and suggestions were presented to Government functionaries. It paved the platform for Sarthak Resource Centre, in Nangloi, West Delhi with the support of Government School on July 23, 2016.

    Herein, 425 children with special needs were provided required remedial classes, medical and psycho-social rehabilitation. Also, IT and pre-vocational training support was extended to the children.

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