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    We Promote Inclusive Education for Inclusive Society


    Why Inclusive Education?

    In the current settings, Children with Disability are either not enrolled in regular schools or paucity of Inclusive Education system leads to drop out. And, once they are segregated from the mainstream it gets difficult to integrate at later stages. Inclusive Education is an effort to ensure Right to Education despite the special requirements or needs of children with disability.

    How Inclusive Education Works?

    Inclusive education works on ensuring inclusion of school going children with special needs in regular education setting with required intervention and support. Inclusion strategies includes range of services, namely, co-teaching, consultative services, paraprofessional support, modifications to curriculum or testing, accommodations for specific disabilities, and others.

    What is the impact, so far?

    Sarthak has successfully rehabilitated 425 school going children with disability in mainstream schools through sensitization of various stakeholders and remedial classes.

    What’s next?

    • • Awareness and Advocacy drives across regular schools to spread awareness and acceptability for the inclusive education system.
    • • And, accommodating and updating regular schools in tune with the needs of children with special needs as well, through support services, special educator, attuned curriculum and assessments, and considerate environment, as required.


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