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    Advocacy | Sarthak Educational Trust

    Sarthak Advocacy

    The primary focus of Advocacy in Sarthak is to spread awareness & advocacy initiatives, to create opportunities for a life of equality and dignity for Persons with Disability and their families through holistic approach by providing Medical Rehabilitation, Inclusive Education, Skill Development Training & Sustainable Employment and Advocacy to those in need.

    Advocacy for sarthak means to take action to create change. Advocacy has been described as "speaking truth to power". The perennial struggle of the rights of people with disability, including the right to have access to public resources, right to education, right to be employed, and other community support services necessary to support living an independent, unsegregated life is advocated through advocacy programs of Sarthak. It raises attention of the people and give a voice to those affected, forming a more aware and inclusive society.

    The efficacy of the program is ascertained by mobilization and awareness workshops within aangandwadi workers, to instill an environment of not just aiding, but also developing sensitivity, inclusivity and comprehensive understanding of disability at large.

    The advocacy vertical is designed in such a way that it strengthens the disability sector. It is done through various levels –

    1. Advocacy with the Government

    Sarthak Educational Trust has taken steps to work with government and promote inclusive plans for persons for disability. This involves to provide the persons with disability access to effective disability advocacy that promotes, protects and ensures their full and equal enjoyment of all human rights enabling community participation.

    Major Advocacy events with the government:

    • •   Haryana government allotted a land to Sarthak at a very minimal cost for Sarthak Global Resource Centre, India’s First Resource Centre for persons with disability.
    • •   Telangana government collaborated with Sarthak for special employment program for persons with disability.
    • •   Sarthak and census body collaborations on best sustainable and inclusive policies for best practices for persons with disability.

    2. Advocacy with the Corporates

    We envision a society of humankind to be stronger. This is also done where we involve the corporate stakeholders, study job profiles with person with disabilities with the mutual consent of the human resource manager. Not only this, a basic orientation session is conducted for the non –disabled employees of the organization to acquaint them with the basic know – how to deal with the persons with disabilities, for instance, sign language sessions, basic infra support for accessibility at workplace etc.

    Major Advocacy events with the corporates:

    • •   Sensitization Workshops - Sarthak has conducted major sensitization workshops with Infosys, reliance, Tech Mahindra, NITTTR, CII (Global CSR Summit (Delhi), CSR Times, NSDC, TCS and many more. The basic agenda of these workshops is to sensitize the employers of the professional paradigm for the inclusion of persons with disability.
    • •   Work Place Solutions – With the advocacy with the corporates, Sarthak also embarks upon providing work place solutions to the employers so that more and more employers hire skilled and talented persons with disability.

    3. Advocacy with Media

    Media is an important instrument in raising awareness and countering stigma. Sarthak during advocacy events ensures the disability awareness is spread to masses at large. It also helps in breaking all the taboos in society that circumvents disability.

    Major advocacy events with the Media:

    • •   Sarthak's ranking of disabled friendly cities in India - enabling mobility, safety and access.
    • •   CSR box's highlight of Dr. Jitender, Founder & CEO of Sarthak Educational trust for major change makers in India.
    • •   "Giving Wings to Dreams" – Article published by The Indian Express.
    • •   Dr. Jitender's speech in Tedx for escalating change and inclusion.

    4. Advocacy with Academic Institutions

    Advocacy in Sarthak also takes place with academic organizations, where disability information is disseminated and is aimed at spreading sensitivity in students. The information is disseminated via specially designed workshops.

    Major advocacy events with the Academic Institutions:

    • •   Sarthak believes in bringing major change through the sensitization awareness programs with the academic institutions. Sarthak has so far conducted many workshops with prestigious institutions like University of Delhi, IITs and NITs.

    For all further collaboration, connect with Ms. Deepika Dhillon at

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