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    Round Table Discussion in Jaipur

    Round Table Discussion in Jaipur

    World is a place for humans to try their best for constant survival against various problems ,may be physical , mental or materialistic but the biggest disease is “being Unwanted” and the biggest need is “to be included” -Dr.Akashdeep Arora, Director of Education departm

    Sarthak Educational Trust in collaboration with NAAI (National Abilympic Association of India) organised a Round Table Discussion on February 19,2018.Through this ‘Manthan’ a chance is provided to the differently abled to showcase their talent and skills in order to get a source of living and create a bulwark from the wrong perception of the masses of the concept of “Disability”.

    The panel of the conference constituted over 50 members from various vocations such as Corporates, government officers, nonprofit organizers, professionals of education department, professors, representatives of hospitality industry and executives of various companies. The panel stressed on the performance of disabled people to be highly satisfactory and recommendable. They claimed people with disability perform better, prove their abilities and face their challenges successfully.

    Heartfelt thanks to National Advisory Board Member,Dr. Sudhir Gupta and State Advisory Board Member for sparing their time for discussion.

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