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    NGO Training Workshops

    NGO Training Workshops

    At Sarthak, we are not only restricted to catering to the needs of persons with disability directly, but also equipping exiting change makers with better capacity and strength.

    And, in this line, we have conducted an 11 Month NGO Capacity Building Program at Telangana in support with Microsoft.

    In this workshop, various NGOs from Rural, and Semi-Urban areas working in the areas of skill building of persons with disability were provided 24 days training. It covered mix of varied topics based on participant’s requirement and focusing over generalised betterment of procedures and practices of NGOs.

    Capacity Enhancement Workshop broadly covers three components, namely, Technical, Operational, & Organizational. Customization of the same is decided post rapport building cum screening Workshop of NGO participants.

    Technical Training: Basic Understanding of Computer Usage for various official processes.

    • Operational Trainings: How to plan, manage, & execute various operations.

    Organizational Trainings: How to Standardize, Monitor & Evaluate, and manage your Operations and organization.

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