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    Stories of Impact

    Empowering Dreams: Gitesh Gaokar's Inspirational Journey with Sarthak

    Gitesh Gaokar - From Challenges to INDIGO: Gitesh Gaoukar, a Mumbai resident, triumphed over challenges to become a Customer Service Officer at INDIGO Airlines. Discover his journey of resilience and skill-building that led to a dream job and a promising career.

    Introduction: In the bustling city of Mumbai, where dreams often face challenges, Gitesh Gaokar emerged as a symbol of resilience and triumph. This is the inspiring tale of a young man who transformed adversities into opportunities, thanks to the unwavering support and skill-building training provided by Sarthak Educational Trust.

    Overcoming Challenges: Gitesh, a resilient individual from Jogeshwari, Mumbai, confronted the distinctive challenges of having both Locomotor and Cerebral Palsy Disabilities. Post his graduation, the harsh reality of employment struggles loomed large. Despite the seemingly closed doors, Gitesh remained undeterred. Sarthak became a beacon of hope in his life, extending a supportive hand to help navigate through the obstacles.

    The Sarthak Impact: Sarthak's holistic approach to empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) became Gitesh's guiding light. Through skill-building training, Sarthak equipped him with the necessary tools to face the competitive job market. The comprehensive support extended by the organization played a pivotal role in shaping Gitesh's mindset and capabilities.

    INDIGO Airlines - A Dream Realized: Gitesh's journey took a transformative turn when he secured a position at INDIGO Airlines. The skillset honed through Sarthak's training not only helped him navigate the rigorous selection process but also impressed the recruiters. In September 2023, Gitesh proudly assumed his role as a Customer Service Officer, a testament to his determination and the effectiveness of Sarthak's interventions.

    Pride in Achievement: As a fresher, Gitesh achieved a significant milestone by securing a position at INDIGO with a commendable salary package of 2.8 lacs per annum. This achievement not only marked the beginning of his professional journey but also instilled a sense of pride in overcoming barriers that society often places before individuals with disabilities.

    Conclusion: Gitesh Gaokar's journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact organizations like Sarthak Educational Trust can have on the lives of PwDs. His story highlights the importance of holistic support, skill-building, and creating an inclusive environment where dreams can flourish. Gitesh's success not only empowers him but also serves as an inspiration for countless others facing similar challenges.

    Closing Note: As we celebrate Gitesh's success, we recognize that the journey towards inclusivity and empowerment is ongoing. Sarthak Educational Trust continues its mission to create pathways for individuals like Gitesh, fostering a society where every dream, regardless of ability, can be realized.




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