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    Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled

    Stories of Impact

    I choose not to place ‘Disability, in my ability

    Loco motor Disability

    Facing hardships make you strong, but getting the right support and guidance make you stronger!
    Vishal belongs from a middle-class family of seven members. When he was 5, Vishal met an accident and burnt himself badly and his legs got affected. Due to his medical condition schooling started very late. Earlier he used to have crutches to walk with the help of a stick.

    But one day an incident made him realize that being dependent on the assistive devices will not serve the purpose of being independent, when he was not able to reach out his medicines. Vishal cried for two hours that day and asked his sister and mother to help him for walking around. It took 4 -5 months for Vishal to stand on his legs and 12 months to walk without crutches.

    Losing my father at a young age forced me to drop out of school as my family went through a financial crisis. A family of six with no steady income and increasing expenses compelled me to start working at a young age. I picked up small jobs to earn money. I was keen to learn and grow. Not knowing where to start, I was struck with the idea of starting my own business. With no money, no education, I felt that I was going nowhere.

    He used to give tuition to two other students and he also helped other persons with disability with their education. He stay connected with other person with disabilities. He was eager to know about Sarthak Educational Trust that is providing free 3 months training of skill building and placement to different sectors in which they are interested and about registration process and he took all the required documents and registered him for skill building training in Sarthak Educational Trust.

    Continuous guidance from the trainer helped him to understand the skills better and now He has been assigned in a retail store by Sarthak educational Trust Company Name City kart and its Package is 12000/month He is really thankful to Sarthak for helping him out for his career.




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