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    Sarthak Educational Trust | Empowering The Differently Abled


    Sarthak Ke Saarthi - (Series 8)

    We present to you Nagaraju, who wrote his own destiny not letting any unfortunate event dictate him anything.

    We bring to you an inspirational story of Nagaraju who defeated death itself. Nagaraju lost his hand in a tragic train accident and was thought to be dead when the village people saw him. He was left dead in the mortuary for 5 hours, but he gained consciousness and pushed himself to get up for treatment.

    His ordeals are extreme but his vigor to get up and do something for himself was greater than anything else. After months of treatment and acceptance of the loss of his hands, he found Sarthak, and elevated his skills with proper training sessions, and is a skill trainer at Millenium Software Solutions Pvt ltd. himself today! For more information visit our website: | or call: 01142004238