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    Founders Desk Message

    Founders Desk Message

    Founders Desk Message :

    Dr. Jitender Aggarwal
    Founder & CEO

    “रथस्यैकं चक्रं भुजगयमिताः सप्ततुरगाः, निरालंबो मार्गश्चरणविकलो सारथिरपि। रविर्यात्यंतं प्रतिदिनमपारस्य नभसः, क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे॥“

    (Everyday the sun travels to the end of an endless sky in a single wheeled chariot having seven horses controlled by serpents on an unsupported road with a charioteer having disabled foot. The actions of great people are accomplished by their inner strengths not by the means of doing it.)

    Strength of an individual marks his path of success. Life is not about making excuses it is about making choices and stepping ahead. It is not about looking for weaknesses, but about exploring one’s strengths.

    This is the idea with which I came up with Sarthak. Sarthak was born with the vision to entail meaning to the lives of differently able individuals.

    In 2004, I lost my central vision, and got the feel of apathy any disability can fill you with. But, then I realized just because I was losing my vision, having an insight within me, got easier all of a sudden. I started having more faith in my strengths. I started having greater belief that if you have a will nothing can stop you from leaving no stone unturned in your path. Then, with my blurred vision, I visualized a platform, wherein, differently able individuals could explore and realize their different abilities in real sense.

    But then, the question was how to make someone realize their strengths? I felt that the helplessness of dependency over someone is the biggest trauma a person with disability witnesses. Thus, this dependency is to be challenged anyhow.

    And then, I dreamt for a center where persons with disabilities may get skilled and step out with a respectable job in their hands. And, with this dream I started with a center in Delhi. Today we are operational in 21 states with six centers throughout India.

    With God’s grace, devoted efforts from Sarthak team and, guidance from advisory board, we made Sarthak’s presence felt throughout India in the last seven years. We wish to convey our sincere thanks to various government institutions, non-government organizations, training and hiring corporate partners, media partners for their immense support in this endeavor.

    We, Sarthak team dream for a bigger change in the lives of differently able individuals by providing them a support in different walks of life through early intervention, inclusive education, skill development and employment at a single platform.

    And, in this initiative towards making a society marked with equal opportunity, access and roles to everyone, we call for your active support and participation.

    Thank you!

    Dr. Jitendra Aggarwal
    Founder & CEO
    Sarthak Educational Trust
    P.S.: Do write to me at sarthakedu@gmail.com with your thoughts and feedback.

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