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    Advocacy Activity

    Advocacy Activity

    Advocacy Activity : Advocacy Activity

    Advocacy is the lynchpin of Sarthak efforts. As it creates the sensitization among corporate, candidates, and society that being differently able just poses a challenge, it does not deny capability of an individual.

    Advocacy with the corporate is conducted through job mapping activities, sensitization workshops, and roundtable conferences. Wherein, either Sarthak team promotes the understanding about the capability of differently able candidates through various success stories of trainees. Or corporate sensitize other corporate based on their experiences related to hiring such candidates. 18 such roundtable conferences have been organized successfully with the active support and participation of corporate. Besides, 2 stakeholder engagement seminars have been also conducted in Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

    With the intent of social inclusion of people with disabilities last year, on September 12th 2014, a national conference was organized with the intent of social inclusion of people with disabilities. It was inaugurated by late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, honorable former President of India and was attended by around 350 people from various sectors and across the country.

    Other to these activities, ‘Glimpses into the corporate world’ is also organized, wherein persons with disability get a first hand understanding of their workplaces and job requirements.

    Other than creating an amicable perspective for candidates in job market, Sarthak also works for creating favorable environment at family and societal levels too. Various street-plays, and 13 awareness workshops were organized as an initiative in this direction this year.

    Sarthak team also participates in various activities during Raahgiri events, ‘Westin Hotel Half Marathon’, and ‘Airtel Delhi Half Marathon’ on regular basis as awareness campaigns.

    As an initiative to raise awareness and funds, 2nd to 8th October is celebrated as ‘Joy of Giving week’ by corporates and NGOs.

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